Have you ever before wondered exactly how much weed Snoop Dogg smokes? The Dogfather self recently hosted a Reddit Q&A about his marijuana use. That answered questions about celebrities he’s acting with and also served up fun tidbits around his three usage. A staggering stat came out in the session where Snoop professed the smokes 81 blunts a day, 7 work a week. That officially method Snoop’s permanent job is cigarette smoking weed.

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I ran a stormy calculationto acquire the mathematics behind this claim. If Snoop does undoubtedly smoke 81 blunts a day, and each blunt takes 6 minute to burn. That would certainly equate to 8.1 hours of inhaling per day!

Snoop may have actually thrown out a random number (81 blunts…how are you counting that?), but there is no doubt that Snoop smokes the bulk of his day. Is he yes, really puffing that solid though? just how does one’s throat handle that lot tobaccopaper?

With the increase of the three industry, we have seen a rise in three celebrities. Created weed celebs are opening up stores, creating brands, and appearing in ~ pot shop meet and greets.Users deserve to now acting the actual strains their favorite celebrities space smoking but can lock smoke as lot weed together Snoop Dogg and other celebs?


Rolling 81 blunts a job would need some serious patience and also mileage top top the hands so Snoop also hired his own an individual blunt roller to aid meet his quota. Don’t think that? watch him call Howard Stern all around his favorite employee.

Highlights native The Reddit Q&A through Snoop Dogg

Q: whats the longest you’ve unable to do without smoking?A: 164 daysQ: execute you roll your own blunts or room they rolled because that you?A: BothQ: Who’s much better at smoking cigarettes weed, Dave Chappelle or Dr. Dre?A: Dave Chappelle!Q: I’ve heard the you’ve stated Willie Nelson is the only person who has out exhilaration you. Is this true?A: Willie is 1 of thagreatest to execute it!! Smokn n musicQ: execute you think in the taxes of mary Jane v legalization or would choose to watch it have little to no taxes?A: legalize it n if that way tax the then perform it.Q: top top average, exactly how much carry out you acting in a week?A: 81 blunts a job x 7

How much Weed walk Snoop Dogg Smoke?

“Who deserve to out acting the Dogg?!”Use the links below to learn much more about the background of 420 and also what strains are finest to try out.The background of 420Best Strains To try This 420


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