I have actually heard plenty of times the the an ext water you drink, the an ext breastmilk girlfriend make. This is not necessarily true. Return drinking enough water is important for her milk supply, drinking more than your body demands is not going to make you produce an ext milk.

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So, how do you know how much water your body needs?

The answer come this concern varies from human being to person since we come in all different sizes. It additionally depends on how active you are as well together weather; for example, you drink more water ~ above really warm days or as soon as you’re working out.

A general dominion is the a non-breastfeeding human needs around 8 cups of water a day (64 fl.oz / 1.8 liters) so a breastfeeding mommy needs about 12 cups of water a day (100 fl. Oz / 2.8 liters). This is what you need to aim for.

However, the most necessary thing the you deserve to do is come listen to her body. You have to drink sufficient water come quench your thirst add to a tiny more. friend can achieve this very easily by drink a glass of water every time her baby nurses. Many babies nurse in between 8-12 times a day so you’d be gaining in at least 8 cup of water this way.


It’s additionally important to suggest out that tap water has contaminants that should be filtered the end by making use of a great quality filter. But if you can’t bought a water filter, it’s finest to drink insanity water than no to drink water in ~ all.

How execute you recognize if you’re NOT drinking enough water?

You will feel thirsty: this is noticeable but sometimes we’re so liven we have the right to forget come drink water.You will certainly urinate really little.You urine will certainly be darker and might have actually a solid smell: if you’re urine is a light yellowish tone climate you’re drinking enough.You will certainly feel dizzy: friend really want to avoid gaining to this point.

My tip to drink enough water:

Besides drinking a glass of water every time her baby nurses, I’ve discovered that the best means to drink water is to lug a water bottle through you almost everywhere you go.

I constantly have one v me once I sit under to nurse and also I bring one in my diaper bag everywhere I go. I prefer this one made from stainless steels to stop plastic leaching chemicals right into my water. It’s likewise spill-proof i m sorry is a need to for me due to the fact that I bring my party sideways in my bag.

What to carry out if girlfriend don’t prefer to drink water?

Fluids are important so skipping them is not an option. There space other means to obtain fluids in her body if you don’t choose the taste the water.

My favorite is to flavor water with fruit, it’s very easy come prepare and gives it a nice flavor. You have the right to make numerous fruit combine to provide the water various flavors. Inspect out my favorite combinations here.

You can likewise drink homemade smoothies or juices. If friend buy a keep bought juice I would certainly dilute that in water therefore you’re not drinking too lot sugar.

Lastly, if you’re not provided to drink water make sure you collection an alarm on your watch or phone call to repeat you. At some point it’ll become part of your daily routine and you’ll be hydrated enough.

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Water is so essential for your in its entirety health and proper functioning of our body that creating a habit to it is in hydrated will not only advantage you when nursing however it will benefit you transparent life.