Tip: prior to claiming a huge lottery jackpot, look for advice on tax ramifications and also legal issuesIn some states, lottery winners deserve to remain anonymousSomeone"s having actually a really an excellent day!

A single ticket marketed in California won the $699.8 million Powerball jackpot after corresponding all six numbers in Monday night"s drawing. Before the Oct. 4 drawing, the most recent Powerball jackpot winner was June 5, when one lucky Florida resident scored a $285.6 million jackpot.

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As of Tuesday morning, it to be not well-known who in California broke the four-month streak the Powerball rollovers.

Is the almost $700 million jackpot the optimal lottery prize of all time?

No. The $699.8 million jackpot did claim a point out in our list of height 10 biggest lottery prizes ever, however it ranking at No. 5 in the optimal 10 Powerball lottery prizes in U.S. History.

What space the peak 10 biggest lottery prizes ever and also who won them?

These room the height 10 greatest lottery jackpots of all-time and a couple of details around the human being who winner them. This roundup has payouts indigenous Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots, and an ext lists favor this deserve to be discovered on powerball.com.

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10. $648 million, Dec. 17, 2013

Ira Curry that Georgia and Steve Tran that California split a massive $648 million Mega Millions jackpot in the Dec. 17, 2013, lottery. That"s about $324 million each prior to taxes.

Curry, of rock Mountain, Georgia, take it the cash option. Reports speak the lump sum payout was $123 million ~ taxes. She stated she used family members" birth days to pick the win numbers.

Like Curry, Tran cleared up for a lump sum as well. Follow to a 2014 USA today story, Tran claimed he and also his family had visited San Jose since of its big Vietnamese community to eat and shop. Tran, who drove a delivery truck, purchase the win ticket in ~ Jenny"s Gift & youngsters Wear in a mountain Jose, California, strip mall.

When he establish he won, Tran said he dubbed his boss and left a message: "I"m yes, really sorry boss. I hit the jackpot. Ns don"t think I"m going to come in today, tomorrow, or ever."

Thuy Nguyen, owner the the mountain Jose gift shop, score $1 million for offering a jackpot winner, the story states.

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9. $656 million, march 2012

This Mega Millions jackpot had actually three winning tickets on march 30, 2012. One ticket to be purchased through a retired pair in your 60s, Merle and Patricia servant of Red Bud, Illinois.

The other winning ticket were offered in Baltimore ar in Maryland and Kansas, wherein winners have the right to remain anonymous.


8. $688 million, October 2018

Two tickets break-up the $687.8 million Powerball jackpot on Oct. 27, 2018. One to be bought in Iowa and also the other in brand-new York.

Iowa Lottery officials evidenced Lerynne West the Dexter, Iowa, was one of the two winners who split the nearly $700 million Powerball prize. Follow to a 2018 story ~ above cnbc.com, the 51-year-old granny of six said she practically lost her lottery ticket — she bought that on a day she was relocating to a brand-new home.

It transforms out West"s sister, who had actually been helping her move, "found the ticket in her truck and sent her a picture of the numbers. She entered the numbers into the Powerball website, where winning numbers display up in red, and also got a solution of "red, red, red, red, red, red — jackpot,"" the story top top CNBC says. "West states she told she sister, "Get the ticket, obtain in her truck and get up below now — and also drive slow.""

West later showed up on "Ellen," whereby she told Ellen Degeneres all about her once-in-a-lifetime experience.

5. $759 million, respectable 2017

This substantial Powerball jackpot smashed a previous record for the best win for a single ticket once Mavis Wanczyk that Massachusetts winner it ~ above Aug. 23, 2017.

However, quickly after Wanczyk"s $758.7 million win, a hit of poor luck befell the lottery winner"s surname via social media.

According come a July 2021 story top top ABC27.com, after Wanczyk won, "several fake social media account popped up utilizing her name claiming she was providing away money in exchange for personal information. Four years later, new text messages are now circulating explain Wanczyk is donating $5,000 to 200 random people who to be selected after a "spin ball." The blog post instructs the receiver to text a number to receive their money."

This to be a scam, and also experts say world should never give out their an individual information via text message or email to strangers. And also if the text post or email looks fishy, it most likely is.

3. $1.05 billion, January 2021

Earlier this year, a little lottery club in Michigan won big.

A four-member suburban Detroit lottery club won the $1.05 exchange rate Mega Millions jackpot on Jan. 22 and will certainly each receive $557 million after taxes. Your identities have not been revealed.

Lottery lawyer says winner of $16 million Jensen beach jackpot had lost job during COVID pandemic

2. $1.537 billion, October 2018

One really lucky human being in south Carolina won the document $1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot top top Oct. 23, 2018. The winner"s identity has not to be revealed.

The jackpot fell brief of the nation"s greatest prize, a $1.586 exchange rate Powerball windfall (see No. 1 in this height 10 perform of greatest lottery prizes ever).

However, the Mega Millions compensation is the biggest for a single ticket.

"Our article to the $1.5 exchange rate #Mega Millions jackpot winner: authorize the back of the ticket, ar the ticket in a for sure location, speak through a reliable advisor and also CALL THE LOTTERY," the southern Carolina education Lottery stated on Twitter. "Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment!"

The ticket was sold at a KC Mart in Simpsonville, southern Carolina. KC Mart owner C.J. Patel told USA this particular day in a 2018 story that he would certainly receive about $30,000 for his role and had planned to break-up the proceeds with his 4 employees.

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1. $1.59 billion, Jan. 13, 2016

Three winners asserted the Powerball compensation that would certainly be the best jackpot in background — $1.586 billion split three ways. Maureen Smith and also David Kaltschmidt the Melbourne Beach, Florida; Marvin and also Mae Acosta of California; and also John and also Lisa Robinson the Tennessee declared the three tickets v a cash value of $327.8 million each.

Contributing: Rachael Thomas, USA this particular day Network-Florida; john Bacon, Doug Stanglin and Dalvin Brown, USA TODAY; Channing King, USA today Network; chris Sims, Indianapolis Star; Daniel J. Gross, The Greenville News