Over the past two years, the GOP has invested heavily in the Benghazi investigation, an examination that centers top top Hillary Clinton and her function in the attacks. Hence far, it has done nothing come irreparably damage the democratic frontrunner"s presidential campaign. In fact, Clinton"s 11-hour testimony in October 2015 might have even boosted her poll numbers. Much more recently top top Sunday, the previous chief Republican investigator that the House select Committee on Benghazi wrote that "nothing can have influenced what occurred in Benghazi." Ultimately, the republicans gained small by spearheading the investigation. But exactly exactly how much go they lose?

The House pick Committee top top Benghazi was developed to look further into the Sept 11, 2012 deaths of 4 Americans in Libya"s capitol city. Accusations emerged that Clinton, that was secretary the state in ~ the time, ignored request to increase security at the Benghazi embassy. Furthermore, White home officials initially defined the attack as a random act of violence, no a premeditated terror attack. The administration"s messy response fostered skepticism that it was covering up that alleged fail to stop the attacks. Continuous investigations have failed come reveal any kind of evidence to support those theories. Clinton at some point took obligation for the security void in Libya and pledged to combine the State Department"s oversight.

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To note the 2 year anniversary the the development of the House pick Committee on might 8, autonomous Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Member the the select Committee ~ above Benghazi, exit a statement regarding the funds invested on the hearing.

Republicans have actually now spent much more than 2 years and practically $7 million the taxpayer funds because that the illegitimate objective of bringing down Hillary Clinton’s poll number ... The select Committee has uncovered no brand-new evidence the contradicts the main point findings of the ahead bipartisan and also independent investigations.

However, an examination by the Washington article debunked this statement, noting that Republicans have actually actually invested $4.445 million top top the investigation, and Democrats $2.325 million.

In her statement, Cummings went on to criticize the republicans of accused dragging the end the investigation to diminish Clinton"s opportunities of win a autonomous nomination, i beg your pardon the party adamantly denies. (Other sources, as well as Clinton, space being extensively interviewed as component of the investigation.) If she runs in the basic election, an typical of nationwide polls indicate she could beat presumptive Republican nominee Donald trumped by practically six points.


According come the Benghazi research study Center, however, the investigation associated 10 congressional committees and also the disclosure that at least 100,000 documents. The went on to report that the House select Committee ~ above Benghazi alone devoured over $6.8 million the taxpayers" money, or nearly $8,000 per day. These numbers were acquired from reports published by the Committee ~ above House management and has expenses made by both Republicans and Democrats in the House pick Committee ~ above Benghazi.

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The State Department invested $14 million and Department the Defense invested $2 million defending itself, according to push releases through the Benghazi Committee Democrats. Because the investigation is ongoing, this numbers space temporary. Some Senate Democrats have actually requested that the committee reimburse taxpayers and also shut under the investigative committee. Currently that it seems to be comes to a close, these requests, which were at first made in October, can resurface.

Correction: An earlier version the this write-up mistakenly proclaimed that the $7 million that taxpayer funds came from the Republican side, conversely, the Washington short article stated the both parties contributed to the spending, v a final tally that $6.77 million. To write the Washington Post: "It is too facile for Democrats to pin all of the spending for the Benghazi committee on Republicans. One-third the the spending goes to democratic staff and expenses, and that should be identified in democratic statements."