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Maverick had Goose. Han Solo had Chewbacca. Bread has butter.

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Dynamic duos feed turn off each other to fuel their greatness. History remembers the frontman and also leader that every group, however it’s the sidekicks who take the press off at the price of their own legacy. Possibly no confidant is an ext under-appreciated for his contributions 보다 seven-time All-Star Scottie Pippen.

As the “Robin” come Michael Jordan’s “Batman,” Pippen (along with Dennis Rodman) assisted the Chicago Bulls win six NBA Championships, including two three-peats, when being one of the league’s best all-around players.

Even despite Pippen’s time v the Bulls ended unceremoniously adhering to contract conflicts with management, it will certainly surprise most human being to find out that Pippen in reality made far an ext money solely in NBA contracts 보다 “His Airness” ever did.

Early Life

Pippen to be the youngest that Ethel and also Preson Pippen’s 12 children growing increase in the little town of Hamburg, Arkansas. His prep career at Hamburg High School developed the ball-handling skills of a point guard mixed with the job-related ethic of a division I player. Pippen, however, didn’t receive any kind of offers to play university basketball, and he ended up being a walk-on and also equipment manager at the college of main Arkansas.

As Pippen in-depth in ESPN’s 10-part documentary The last Dance, he ultimately received a scholarship from UCA, hit a expansion spurt, and also ended up being 6-foot-7 by the time his an elderly season came around. The previous high institution guard came to be a dominant NAIA-level star, earning two agreement All-American honors prior to entering the 1987 NBA Draft.

Originally selected No. 5 as whole by the Seattle Supersonics, Bulls general manager Jerry Krause functioned a profession to floor Pippen and pair him with the NBA’s increasing superstar, Michael Jordan. That made his NBA debut against the Philadelphia 76ers in 1987 and made the playoffs in ~ the finish of the season.


NBA Career and Contracts

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Pippen’s rookie contract payment him $2.83 million end his very first four seasons. That was part of a six-year contract that would have actually paid him $5 million end the life the the deal. Shortly after the Bulls beat the Los Angeles Lakers because that the franchise’s first NBA Championship in 1991, Chicago readily available Pippen a seven-year, $18 million contract extension that voided the two option years on his rookie deal. Seeking security and care for his family ago home, Pippen gladly accepted.

As the Bulls’ dynasty blossomed transparent the 1990s and also league revenue skyrocketed, Pippen’s transaction is remembered today as one of the worst in NBA history.

Over the life of the contract, Pippen winner an Olympic yellow medal with The Dream Team, visited six-straight NBA All-Star games, winner the NBA All-Star video game MVP award in 1994, was named All-NBA very first Team three times, earn NBA All-Defensive an initial Team honors every season and also won five more NBA titles.

He never ever made more than $3.4 million in a season throughout that stretch, follow to Spotrac. Still, that was concerned as among the best small forwards in the game.

Scottie Pippen to be the 122nd-highest-paid player in the NBA in '97-98, however was conveniently one of the finest players in the league. #TheLastDance pic.twitter.com/CcJ132Nbb8


Ultimately, Pippen was traded to the Houston Rockets for Roy Rogers and also a second-round pick prior to the 1998-99 season. Beginning his mid-30s, the sign-and-trade transaction earned Pippen a five-year, $67.2 million contract. Failing to discover chemistry during a lockout-shortened season play alongside Charles Barkley and also Hakeem Olajuwon, Pippen to be again traded come the Portland trail Blazers in return for 6 players ~ one year.

Pippen do millions in NBA salary in his four seasons v Portland regardless of his diminishing impact. His defensive prowess and passing capabilities still made him a threat, but the veteran’s scoring numbers fell to simply over 11 points per game throughout his tenure.

Pippen returned to Chicago because that the last two year of his career on a $10 million contract to aid tutor and guide an inexperienced roster. Injuries bogged that down, and he retired from professional basketball in October 2004. Pippen’s frosting stands exterior the United facility today.

Across 17 NBA seasons, Pippen walked away with simply shy that $110 million specifically from contracts together a skilled basketball player. That “retired” but made a brief return come basketball in 2008 at 42, once he played because that the Torpan Pojat in Finland and the Sundsvall dragon in Sweden.

By comparison, Jordan’s team-friendly contract in the late ’80s and also early ’90s exploded right into a two-year run from 1996-98 once he came to be the very first NBA player to do over $30 million in every season. Every told, however, “His Airness” just took home around $90 million in career earnings from his beat on the court. Don’t worry, the billionaire is doing just fine this days.


Right out of college, Pippen was wearing Avia sneakers, an upstart brand who signed various other NBA legends favor John Stockton and also Clyde Drexler. After the Bulls’ dynasty ascended, however, Pippen join Nike and released several signature shoes, consisting of the Pippen 1 in 1997.

Pippen likewise had endorsement deals with Frito-Lay, Visa, and also Ameritech moving TV, and other major companies like McDonald’s, ideal Guard and also Coca-Cola. Together with his commercials, Pippen’s also had cameos in several movies and television shows over the years.

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Pippen wasn’t always smart through his money, though. Bleacher Report cited the Pippen squandered over $120 million ~ above “irresponsible and lackluster gaue won decisions,” consisting of purchasing a $4 million exclusive jet that needed one more $1 million in repairs before it could even fly.