The death of George Floyd in Minnesota has collection off protests in practically every major city in America and also a number of countries around the world. It has galvanized human being in a call for racial justice. The has also raised an significant amount the money for causes that assistance social justice. While major companies favor Disney and also J.J. Abrams" negative Robot have already donated millions to various causes, the GoFundMe set up to cover George Floyd"s funeral expenses has actually quietly increased over $13 million and become the GoFundMe web page to watch the greatest number of individual donations ever, many thanks to assistance from significant names choose Lin-Manuel Miranda raising the signal.

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While various other GoFundMe campaigns have raised an ext money, none have actually seen together widespread support as much as the variety of people who have chosen to support it. Several of that have the right to be attributed to the money being supported on social media by human being with a many reach.

If one is wondering just how much the story the George Floyd has actually reached throughout America, then one needs only take it at the donations come the GoFundMe page. In enhancement to elevating over $13 million, that money is comprised of end 478,000 individual donors, i m sorry is, follow to TMZ, a record number of contributors come a single fund. The highest possible donations have actually been 3 separate organizations that each added $50,000. The vast bulk of the donations space in tiny dollar amounts, choose $10 and also $20, but they"ve all included up to the impressive total.

It reflects just how much the story the George Floyd has influenced people the so countless are offering something in bespeak to support what Floyd"s life, and death, have pertained to represent.

The GoFundMe page initially asked because that $1.5 million come cover George Floyd"s interment expenses, and also to set aside some money because that the education of his children. The money will have even more money to usage for the education purposes, together ESPN is reporting the the funeral costs for George Floyd are actually being paid by boxer Floyd Mayweather. The revelation came from the CEO of Mayweather"s business, Mayweather Promotions, the doesn"t show up the former champion to be looking to reveal his plans come cover the expenses and has decreased to publicly comment.

Several other celebrities to be in attendance in ~ yesterday"s funeral organization in Minnesota because that George Floyd, including Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, and Ludacris, and Minnesota political leaders like Rep. Ilhan Omar and Senator and former candidate because that President Amy Klobuchar. Three various other memorials are planned for George Floyd in the next few days, one in phibìc Carolina and also two in Houston.

A number of major celebrities have used your platforms to amplify message of protest and to show support because that Black lives Matter. We"ve seen compassionate messages from everybody indigenous Dwayne Johnson come Megan Markle. And also at this suggest it reflects no slowly down. Protests have actually been going on in major cities every night and also it looks choose that will certainly continue.

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