Dec. 26th, of course, clues both Boxing Day and the day we obtain to taunt Red Sox fans around the time your team traded Babe Ruth for right cash. And it’s yes, really! On this day in 1919, the Boston society traded ol’ George Herman Ruth to the Yankees because that $25,000, giving the Yankees precise the greatest baseball player in background for, legend has it, the start-up money essential for then-Sox owner bother Frazee come finance a new play.

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Here’s a copy that the agreement, via a 2013 tweet. Keep in mind that who hand-wrote “cash” in the transaction after the part about 25 grand:

It’s unlikely it went down specifically like this, yet I like to snapshot Frazee arriving to some earlier alley ar with Ruth in tow and Yanks owner Jacob Ruppert pass a briefcase complete of money because that the hand off.

In one of two people case, the trade coincided with the readjust in MLB tools policy the ushered out the so-called Deadball Era, and also Ruth arised as by far the foremost home-run hitter at the moment when human being finally known the prominence and also awesomeness of residence runs. Ruth had currently established a significant League home-run record as a member the the Boston team in 1919 through 29, then shattered his own note by hitting 54 in 1920 and then 59 in 1921. With Ruth in the fold, the Yanks won the World collection in 1923, 1927, 1928 and also 1932.


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