If you"ve been approximately enough come remember as soon as bell bottoms were a thing the first time around — aka the 1970s — friend might also think that quick food prices aren"t what they offered to be. And thanks to components like inflation, you"d it is in correct. The U.S. Office of job Statistics says when contrasted to prices from the 1970s, price were just under 563 percent lower than they are now (via In 2013 Dollars). 

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This method $100 in 1970 can have purchase the very same amount of items as around $663 can today, and in the critical 50 years, inflation has actually gone together low as -0.36 percent in 2009, to a high of 11.35 percent in 1979 — which means the U.S. Has seen an mean inflation rate of 3.85 percent end this 50-year period. All that inflation add to up, and it"s reflect on the menus of her favorite quick food joints.

But there are other determinants that can influence the expense of item on a fast food menu. These determinants include labor prices (fast food workers get at the very least the nationwide minimum wage); fuel prices that affect transportation costs; and also the price of vital ingredients — an especially if over there are any type of increases and also if this jumps walk on because that an extended duration of time. All these determinants have had a tremendous impact on fast food, come say the least.

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With all those components in play, this is just how prices at just two fast restaurants have drastically changed since 1970:

McDonald"s in 1970 (via Throwbacks): 

Quarter Pounder with Cheese, $0.70; 4 minutes 1 Pounder, $0.60; big Mac, $0.65; Filet-O-Fish $0.48; French Fries $0.26

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McDonald"s this particular day (via Menu and also Price):

Quarter Pounder v Cheese (option is for cheese and also bacon), $5.25; quarter Pounder, $4.40; big Mac, $4.35; Filet-O-Fish $4.05; French Fries $2.20 (size is unspecified)

Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1970 (via Pinterest):

Regular dinner box (with 3 piece of chicken, cole slaw, glossesweb.com potato, gravy, and a warm roll), $1.35; Jumbo dinner crate (with 5 piece of chicken, cole slaw, glossesweb.com potato, gravy, and also a warm roll), $2.15; household bucket (with 15 piece of chicken, a pint that gravy, 6 warm rolls), $4.90; Thrift crate (9 piece of chicken), $2.95 and also The Barrel (21 pieces of chicken) $5.95

KFC this day (via Menu through Price). Since menu items have adjusted slightly, we space listing item that are closest to the original. 

3-piece Meal, $7.19 (dark meat) or $8.49 (white meat); 4-piece meal (dark meat) $8.99; 16-piece meal with 4 large Sides and 8 Biscuits, $36.99; 8 piece of chicken only, $13.99; 20 pieces of chicken only, $28.99