Things are gaining pretty competitive in the civilization of major theme parks, and also Walt Disney world is one of the hotbeds of activity that have actually been plugging away to shore up their position as the world’s pre-eminent resource of entertain destinations.

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With a bunch of brand-new attractions to plan to open in 2020, and also other rides prefer the TRON Lightcycle/Run coaster to plan for not too much in the future, the Orlando based park is readying itself because that its 50th anniversary, and also beyond.

Which makes the truth that a recent acquisition 235 acre to the track of $6 million dollars really mysterious prospect. Reported as closing in the recent weeks, the deal between The Walt Disney Company’s Compass increased Corp. And Lake Reedy Creek, LLC has now secured that specific parcel the land because that Walt Disney human being to do whatever they’d like with the land.

But that’s wherein the mystery comes in, as 235 acres isn’t specifically the acreage you’d mean for a brand-new gate to open up at the multi-park campus. The positioning of this brand-new purchase help narrow points down a small bit, as throughout from the brand-new undeveloped land are several Disney golf courses.

It doesn’t feel choose these 235 acres space going come be used for any kind of sort of new park task either, as the acreage and also that placing wouldn’t do sense. Because that comparison, universal Studios Orlando’s recent attraction, the Epic cosmos park collection to open in 2023, clocks in in ~ 700 acres. Therefore if friend think Walt Disney world is make the efforts to compete with this brand brand-new world that wonder and also merriment in their recent purchase, you’ve assumed wrong.

However, WDW News Today’s news article on the acquisition has actually theorized a couple of other, much more practical usages for this new tract the land. Specifically, castle think one of two possibilities it seems to be ~ the most likely.

The first possibility is that Walt Disney civilization could be an undeveloped buffer zone between competing interests, i beg your pardon would proceed to store the park separated native anyone that would want to take benefit of being in the same ar as the park.

Another distinct potential for this floor is that Walt Disney people could actually be utilizing it because that practical company purposes, and might even turn it into a luxury mini-resort that offers the much more discerning layout park attendee a much more restful experience.

So if you’re one of those species who choose to game out just how to be banned indigenous Walt Disney people in the many interesting method possible, you’re probably not walk to want to go to this hypothetical hot spot. But if you desire to it is in a little an ext removed indigenous the continuous hustle and bustle and also refrains the “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah,” this could be your dream.

Naturally, nobody of this is confirmed as happening, so these theorized usages because that the 235 acres can be level out wrong. We’ll store our ear peeled because that what brand-new developments come the end of this secret purchase, and also report ago once additional details are available.

In the meantime, if you’re in the Walt Disney human being area, and want to get into some new and interesting trouble the won’t obtain you eliminated from the park, you have the right to ride Star Wars: increase of the Resistance, i beg your pardon is at this time open in the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge ar of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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