It is not recognized if Qsymia is safe and also effective as soon as taken with other prescription and also over-the-counter medicines, or herbal weight lose products.It is not known if Qsymia is safe and effective in children under 18 years old.Qsymia is a federally controlled substance (CIV) since it includes phentermine and can it is in abused or bring about drug dependence. Keep Qsymia in a safe place, to protect it indigenous theft. Never provide your Qsymia come anyone else, since it may reason death or injury them. Marketing or offering away Qsymia is against the law.

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What space the possible side results of Qsymia?

Qsymia can reason serious next effects, including:

Your healthcare provider need to do a blood check to measure the level of mountain in her blood before and during her treatment through Qsymia.

See “What is the most crucial information I should know around Qsymia?” in ~ the start of this medication Guide.Mood changes and trouble sleeping. Qsymia may reason depression or the atmosphere problems, and also trouble sleeping. Tell your healthcare provider if symptom occur.Concentration, memory, and also speech difficulties. Qsymia may affect how girlfriend think and also cause confusion, troubles with concentration, attention, memory, or speech. Tell your medical care provider if symptom occur.Increases of acid in bloodstream (metabolic acidosis). If left untreated, metabolic acidosis can reason brittle or soft skeleton (osteoporosis, osteomalacia, osteopenia), kidney stones, have the right to slow the price of expansion in children, and may possibly damage your baby if you are pregnant. Metabolic acidosis can occur with or there is no symptoms. Sometimes civilization with metabolic acidosis will:feel tirednot feeling hungry (loss the appetite)feel transforms in heartbeathave trouble reasoning clearlyPossible seizures if you prevent taking Qsymia too fast. Seizures may happen in human being who may or might not have had actually seizures in the past if you protect against Qsymia also fast. Your health care provider will tell you exactly how to protect against taking Qsymia slowly.Decreased sweating and also increased human body temperature (fever). world should it is in watched for indicators of diminished sweating and also fever, particularly in warm temperatures. Some civilization may must be hospitalized because that this condition.

Common side impacts of Qsymia include:

dizzinesstrouble resting (insomnia)constipation

Tell your healthcare provider if girlfriend have any type of side effect that bothers you or does not go away.

These space not every one of the feasible side impacts of Qsymia. For more information, ask your medical care provider or pharmacist.

Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA in ~ 1-800-FDA-1088. Friend can additionally report side impacts to VIVUS at 1-888-998-4887.


Qsymia capsule is a combination oral product consisted of of immediate-release phentermine hydrochloride (expressed together the load of the free base) and also extended-release topiramate. Qsymia has phentermine hydrochloride, a sympathomimetic amine anorectic, and also topiramate, a sulfamate-substituted monosaccharide related to fructose antiepileptic drug.

Phentermine Hydrochloride

The chemical surname of phentermine hydrochloride is α,α-dimethylphenethylamine hydrochloride. The molecule formula is C10H15N • HCl and its molecular load is 185.7 (hydrochloride salt) or 149.2 (free base). Phentermine hydrochloride is a white, odorless, hygroscopic, crystalline powder that is dissolve in water, methanol, and also ethanol. Its structural formula is:



Topiramate is 2,3:4,5-di-O-isopropylidene-β-D-fructopyranose sulfamate. The molecule formula is C12H21NO8S and its molecular weight is 339.4. Topiramate is a white to off-white crystalline powder with a bitter taste. That is openly soluble in methanol and acetone, sparingly dissolve in pH 9 come pH 12 aqueous solutions and also slightly dissolve in pH 1 to pH 8 aqueous solutions. Its structural formula is:



Qsymia is accessible in 4 dosage strengths:

Qsymia 3.75 mg/23 mg (phentermine 3.75 mg and also topiramate 23 mg extended-release) capsules;Qsymia 7.5 mg/46 mg (phentermine 7.5 mg and also topiramate 46 mg extended-release) capsules;Qsymia 11.25 mg/69 mg (phentermine 11.25 mg and also topiramate 69 mg extended-release) capsules;Qsymia 15 mg/92 mg (phentermine 15 mg and also topiramate 92 mg extended-release) capsules.

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Each capsule consists of the adhering to inactive ingredients: methylcellulose, sucrose, starch, microcrystalline cellulose, ethylcellulose, povidone, gelatin, talc, titanium dioxide, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #5 and also #6, and also pharmaceutical black and white inks.