I’ve always been slightly confused on just how much I must be tipping and if over there is a difference between whether girlfriend pay with cash vs card


At a very bare minimum, $1/drink for a cash bar. Go up depending on friendliness, speed, etc. I regularly go phibìc of 20% if payment the tab at once at the finish of the night.

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Yeah favor with cash i usually execute $1 per drink however with card ns feel much more obligated to reminder closer to 20%

Usually prefer a dollar per drink. If i operation up a decent tab and also the bartender(s) were good for the night then I'll up the to like 15ish % of the bill

Am a bartender. $1-2/drink approximately 20%. $1 in ~ the an extremely least. $2/20% for more complex drinks. The acronym yes, really holds up in bars -- come Insure notice Service. Great tippers gain priority usually. Tipped employees always prefer cash tips over CC ones unless it's a super corporate ar that takes cash tips and puts castle in your check. As soon as I walk to bars I will pay my tab v CC and also tip in cash. If I'm only gaining 1-2 drink then I constantly pay in cash, however that's likewise because I often tend to have cash handy.

If it's basic drink and also I'm buying in ~ the bar (not brought to mine table) I only do $1 if it's just a vodka soda or something. If it's something complicated then more, at the very least 20%.

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1$ per drink sounds prefer the standard unless you gain a sophisticated drink or something else, I'd tip him also if that comps you a drink

Late to the party, response I haven’t checked out here. For her local, what you’re walking to acquire conversational through the bartender routinely you just need to feel the out. My ar spot basically charges me “rent”, and also I tip appropriately to how much i should have been charged

A lot of world are speak $1, yet it was $1 twenty years ago, y'all. Isn't the time to guideline your bartender $2 instead??? together for your credit card question, many bartenders choose cash due to the fact that they get it right away (when you acquire your credit transaction card advice varies by establishment however it generally isn't in ~ the end of your shift unless you're closing). Cash is likewise easier to hide on her taxes.

rarely walk to bars, but ever because i gained a really an excellent job 30% or more. If it's to speak a $15 bill then i'll simply pay $20

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