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Travel Etiquette is a TPG tower that explores the vulnerable dos and don’ts that travel. As component of a series on tipping, we’re experimenting how to tip in airports and on planes; how to tip hotel staff; tipping in various regions and even how to guideline on all-inclusive trips.

Tipping deserve to be incredibly an individual — some world are ready to toss out extra bills regardless of the quality of service, while others very closely weigh their experience prior to deciding what come tip. In countless ways, over there is no wrong way come tip, despite in countries like the united state where workers depend on tips to supplement salaries, it deserve to be thought about rude not to do so. However that doesn’t mean there aren’t particular rules to take into account, especially when traveling.

Airports and airlines have one set of tipping guidelines, if hotels have an entirely different rulebook. End the course of a stay —whether it’s two nights or 2 weeks — you’re bound to solicit the aid of countless staff members, including a bellhop, valet, concierge, housekeeping and also room company waiters. But do you guideline them every the same? space there scenarios that don’t need tipping at all?

Tom Waithe, the vice president of operations because that Kimpton many hotels in the Pacific Northwest and also Mountain Region, has received note from guests who express concern about tipping.

“There’s this great fear variable they associate through a very basic gesture,” he told TPG. “But what guests have to recognize is that employee members an extremely infrequently notification or combine you with the amount girlfriend tip. Any gesture is appreciated, uneven it is so little as to it is in embarrassing: think pocket change made up of numerous copper coins.”

So a pile of pennies might be seen as a snub. Yet what else have to travelers keep in mind once tipping hotel staff? It often comes under to the task he or she does.


Every source agreed that housekeeping is one area whereby tipping must be thought about mandatory. After all, they clean up our messes and make our beds. “These space the hardest-working civilization in the hotel, and the the very least recognized,” Waithe said.

Diane Gottsman — a national etiquette expert, writer ofModern Etiquette for a better Life and founder ofThe Protocol college of Texas — argues giving $3 come $5 per day. Waithe agrees the $5 is a kind standard, but says it additionally depends top top the form of traveler.

“If you’re a family and have a rubbish can full of diapers or a room the looks like a hurricane hit it, be perceptible to the truth that the housekeeper is walk to invest extra time in there, acquisition far from the rest of the rooms,” that said. Waithe additionally pointed out that company travelers gain away through tipping less since they regularly don’t invest as much time in your rooms and make much less of a mess.

And despite you may be tempted to leaving something various other than cash, don’t. “We check out this frequently, specifically when guests have actually left over wine or alcohol,” Waithe said. “But it really doesn’t work, as most hotels have strict policies around what deserve to be taken out of a guest room.Guests regularly think the they space leaving a distinct treat, favor leftover pizza or food, but it’s simply thrown out in addition to any open up bottle the liquid due to the fact that no one knows what went into it.”

Gottsman says putting the money top top the desk or another clear surface, along with a note that says “Thank you.” Waithe said you can also use the note to make any kind of requests (such as extra towels or brand-new batteries for the remote) and comments (say, if you damaged a glass).

And beware the the most typical mistake: waiting until you’re about to inspect out to leaving the tip. “It’s essential to reminder daily, together employees adjust from someday to another,” Gottsman said.

Luggage attendants

This one is fairly simple: a $1 reminder per bag will suffice. If you’re traveling with a big group or with sufficient bags to warrant a luggage cart, feel free to round approximately an even number favor $5 or $10 (depending top top the variety of bags).

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Room service

It’s common practice because that hotels to tack on a business fee to the room service bill — which renders that extra blank gratuity heat even much more confusing. Will you be thought about cheap if you create a big fat line with it? no necessarily.

“One hundred percent of the included service fee goes come the server, so adding additional amounts is not required,” said Waithe. “Often, the had gratuity is not well figured out on the bill, so people add an ext without understanding it’s already been applied. For this reason look prior to you add!”

As for the delivery charge you regularly see top top the bill, the goes to the hotel and is paid the end to cooks, dishwashers and also other kitchen workers. In the rare instance when gratuity has not been added, tip 15% to 20% of the bill. And, Gottsman said, it’s not crucial to leaving anything added for tray pick-up.


Generally, Gottsman stated you must be all set to pointer $2 to $5 ever before time a valet retrieves your car from the hotel lot. And also a couple of inside resources — current and former valets — evidenced that’s standard. “You have the right to either reminder a tiny at a time, or call the valet girlfriend will get in ~ the end,”said Eric Matava, a former valet at a Connecticut hotel.


When tipping concierges, think the it as a sliding scale — how much you offer depends on what they execute for you. “If it’s a straightforward dinner reservation, i wouldn’t tip anything,” Jack Ezon, a self-proclaimed over-tipper and also the president of travel company Ovation Vacations, called TPG.It’s likewise not vital to pay because that directions or ideas for things to carry out in town.

But if the concierge to plan an impressive experience, traction strings to acquire you right into a sold-out show or arranges an in-room date of birth or anniversary surprise for your spouse, the warrants more. Exactly how much is really up to you and your budget, however $40 is on the low end and even upwards that $100 is suitable for more complicated tasks.

As for the points that autumn somewhere in the middle (easy theatre tickets or arranging a tour overview or driver) miscellaneous in the $5 to $20 variety is fair. In general, simply keep in mental the degree of difficulty of what you’ve asked the concierge to do.

Butler business

Even if your hotel or resort includes gratuity (which most often occurs at all-inclusives and beach resorts), that is still important to pointer your servant extra. But as with concierges, the reminder depends on exactly how much you usage them — and also for what.

“If you have them running around doing things, it’s vital to show them part appreciation,” said LindseyEpperlySulek, the founder the Epperly Travel and a Caribbean travel expert. “But if girlfriend don’t use them many of the time, i wouldn’t feeling obligated.” She says $10 come $15 every day if they complete mostly basic tasks.

And because that butlers the “do their jobs 1,000%,” Ezon claims he normally tips closer to $100.

The Bottom Line

If there’s one huge takeaway on exactly how to tip, it’s that it’s an ext of an art 보다 a science. So much depends ~ above your an individual budget, the destination and the form of hotel. However in general, if who touched that — your luggage, extra pillows, the room organization tray — they deserve a tiny something in return.

One final, er, tip: If you like not to leave gratuity per “transaction,” the is yes sir to conserve it every for the end of your remain — which is what both Epperly and Ezon often tend to do once they travel. Simply put a lump sum in an envelope at the former desk and also ask the front desk to distribute it to certain groups (like housekeeping) or to the details people who assisted you. “I’ve additionally seen world ask for it to be divided amongst the whole staff,” Epperly said.

In the end, the best thing you deserve to do is provide what girlfriend can and know it will certainly be appreciated.

Tipping Cheat Sheet

Checking out now and need to recognize what come tip? Don’t sweat the small change.

Low End

High End

Don’t Forget

Housekeeping$3$5Tip daily, and your leftover Champagne doesn’t count!
Room Service15%20%Only as soon as gratuity hasn’t to be included, which it generally is.
Concierges$5 come 20$40 to $100Consider even if it is or not your request was easy or complicated.
Luggage Attendants$1 per bagRound increase if you’re using a luggage cart.
Valets$2$5It’s customary to tip once valets retrieve your automobile — not as soon as they park it.

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Butlers$10$15Tip daily.