This photograph tour showcases our visits to the Cinderella castle Suite in Magic Kingdom–the most exclusive hotel room at Walt Disney World, and a well-known spot for celebrities and what provided to it is in an to exclude, prize because that promotional giveaway winners. (Updated January 11, 2021.)

Recently, there has actually been renewed interest in the Cinderella castle Suite thanks to this viral video on the Disney Parks tiktok account, which has actually garnered 3 million views and counting. We’ve because been receiving a the majority of questions about the imperial room, which has actually largely gone unused through Walt Disney human being for the critical decade.

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Our expect is that this brand-new excitement will spark Disney to do something with the Cinderella castle Suite. It’s such a lavish and regal room, but around the just use it has received newly is for occasional auction winners. (See what price those fetched in How much Does a Night in the Cinderella lock Suite Cost?) Now, let’s take a look at inside and also share some history of the Cinderella lock Suite…

When Magic Kingdom opened and also Cinderella castle debuted in 1971, this was not built as a hotel room. It to be pretty lot the polar opposite, as the space that’s currently Cinderella lock Suite was initially a multi-purpose energy space. Some desks, phones, and storage.

It was converted by Walt Disney Imagineering, which totally decorated and upholstered the an are as a ‘royal bedchamber’ in the process. The Cinderella lock Suite have the right to sleep increase to six people, and also opened for the Year that a Million Dreams, a promotional project that ran end decade earlier (hard to believe it’s been that long!). Throughout this contest, that was offered away together a cool prize that sorts to one lucky family members each day.


Since, the Cinderella castle Suite has come to be the dream endure for part Disney fans. Along the way, this fan-desire has actually been spurred through Disney-forum account from the Suite by lucky guests who won stays in the Suite, podcast details of the Suite from travel agents, and everyone’s favorite, Samantha Brown take trip Channel distinct tours the the Suite.

In simply a few short years, it has actually attained the cult-like status of exclusive Club 33 restaurant or Walt’s Apartment in Disneyland, and also rightfully so, together it’s arguably an ext exclusive 보다 either of those locations. The photos the follow transparent this post are several of our unique photos from our visits to the Cinderella castle Suite.

Let’s start our photograph tour of the Cinderella castle Suite!


In recent years, there have actually been a few tours that the Cinderella castle Suite offered. These tourism are carried out by a Walt Disney world Guest Relations cast Member–the same form of actors Member who would offer as the overnight concierge for celebrities and giveaway winners that would continue to be in the Suite.

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To contact the lock Suite opulent would be one understatement. Luxury adorned v the complete royal treatment, the “Beauty-Per-Square-Foot” proportion is v the roof.


We have been in the Suite twice, via tourism held throughout the D23 Magic & Merriment Event. Unfortunately, we haven’t had actually the chance to continue to be overnight…yet!