Here"s a fact that may just make you spew your Baja Blast all over your screen — Taco Bell is America"s favourite Mexican restaurant. That"s right, forget about all those perform of "the ideal Mexican restaurants" floating around the internet that heap praise on small L.A. Taquerias. Apparently, castle don"t have actually anything top top the Bell — or, at least, they merely don"t have the sheer number of restaurants to garner those votes. Follow to a 2018 Harris vote of much more than 77,000 people, Taco Bell has been vote the height Mexican restaurant in the country.

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While this may bring a tear come the eye that every mexican restaurant there is no a Quesarito top top the menu, it"s undoubtedly an excellent news because that Taco Bell. Fox organization reports that Taco Bell is top top a quest to open an additional 2,000 brand brand-new locations through 2023 due to the fact that Americans just must have more access come Doritos Locos tacos. For the franchisees (and future franchisees) of Taco Bell, this means profit.

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Across the board, rapid food franchise owner make a great annual salary and also pull in a pre-tax revenue average of about $90,000. That"s nearly dual the yearly income the the median American (via The Street). So exactly how do Taco Bell franchise owner stack increase when contrasted with others in the quick food franchise game? Well, they might not be making hand end fist amounts of cash more, yet they have the right to expect to earn an annual income of in between $80,000 and $100,000 every restaurant (via Franchises for Sale). That"s not bad for a place where the seems like just around everything on the menu uses the same four ingredients. 

According come Franchises for Sale, among the huge appeals is that Taco Bell franchise owner are regularly making that revenue right out of the gate in their very first year of business. A big reason because that this is because of the sheer amount of advertising that Taco Bell churns out. Obviously, a fast food place that"s confident enough to open its own hotel to know what it"s doing as soon as it concerns marketing. 

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While owning a Taco Bell restaurant deserve to be pretty lucrative, if you want to "Live Más" you"re walking to have to be ready to placed down some severe cash. As well as the company"s $45,000 startup fee, Business Insider approximates that opened one can cost anywhere from $1.2 million and also $2.6 million. 

A large portion the this cash is because that the real estate and also building the restaurant, plus every the fancy equipment you"ll must make those Crunchwrap Supremes. If you"re lucky, you might have the ability to score an present Taco Bell location, however that will still set you earlier anywhere native $175,000 to $1.4 million. Obviously, this no tiny chunk of change, which is why Taco Bell only lets those through deep pockets take ownership of that is restaurants. 

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Because the cost of opening a Taco Bell is so high, Taco Bell needs that potential investors have actually a net worth of in ~ minimum $1.5 million, and $750,000 the that need to be in liquid assets. They likewise like investor who have some restaurant industry experience. If a human being can control to satisfy these demands and also secure a location, they do have actually the deluxe of absentee ownership, i.e. Kick earlier at the beach and watch the earnings roll in (via The Balance). Friend won"t discover that type of lax mindset with a Chick-fil-A franchise. 

If friend don"t have $1.5 million and also the thought of security $2 million to build a Taco Bell provides your head spin, there might be one alternative. In at an early stage 2020, Taco Bell announced that part franchises may start paying supervisors $100,000 (via MarketWatch). These would certainly be company-owned restaurants fairly than franchise-owned, yet still, that"s a franchisee salary without having actually to put up your very own money to construct the place. 

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According come The Balance, together of 2018, Taco Bell to be leading Yum! brands (KFC, Pizza Hut) in terms of sales growth, and the typical yearly sales per store were around $1.6 million. Those number are definitely nothing to scoff at, yet when it comes to the competition, Taco Bell has actually a long method to walk if it desires to capture up with McDonald"s and Chick-fil-A. Those chains racked up an median of $4.7 million and $2.8 million sales per store — through Chick-fil-A top the means (via Barrons). Pretty outstanding for a organization that"s just open six days a week. 

As much as yearly salary goes, McDonald"s franchise owners take in an typical of $150,000 a year and Chick-fil-a operators have the right to pull in about $200,000. What have the right to we say, maybe burgers and chicken space just an ext popular 보다 tacos?