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Over time, her hardwood flooring will start to tarnish and also age. You’ll have to refurbish your wooden floors to make them look new again. But what room hardwood refinishing costs, and can girlfriend afford it?

Today’s write-up will address both questions. Find out what the services of refinishing your hardwood floors are and what to consider before you acquire started. Learn exactly how much it will price you to refinish your hardwood floors yourself and also determine if it’s cheaper to hire a skilled for the task.

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We’ll answer all your questions around hardwood refinishing, so proceed reading to uncover out more.

Benefits that Refinishing your Hardwood Floors

If you want new floors and also are debating whether to refinish her existing hardwood floors or replace them entirely, then consider your budget. The benefit of refinishing her existing floors is that you will save a far-ranging amount of money.


You can rent the sanding equipment and buy sanding pads indigenous your local home improvement or hardware store. This normally costs in between $300 and also $400.

Additionally, you’ll need to buy stain, finish, and also brushes or sprayers to use these products to her floor.

Wood stain is not expensive;it generally costs under $10 every quart. And also each quart deserve to cover roughly 275 square feet.

Finish is a small costlier, but getting a good finish is important because it is what help to defend your floors so the you don’t have to refinish lock again at any time soon. It avoids scratches, stains, and scuffing

The price for finish generally ranges between $50 and $90 and also covers about 700 square feet. (Keep in mind, girlfriend will have to apply several coats to her floor.)

By this standards, if you were to refinish your hardwood floors yourself, it would certainly likely cost less 보다 $500 for 275 square feet of space.

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Cost To have Your Floors Refinished

DIY projects are not for everyone. Even if you pick to pay who to refinish your floors, it still comes the end to be much less expensive than replacing castle with brand-new ones.

So, what walk it expense to have actually your floors refinished through a professional? on average, you deserve to expect to pay between $1.50 and $5.00 per square foot.

This may sound like a large price range; however, there are several components that can affect the all at once cost of having your hardwoods professionally refinished.

The labor costs will include the lot of time required to prep the area, add to the cost of sanding, staining, and refinishing the floors.

The size of the an are also results the price.

This may surprise you, but sometimes smaller sized spaces end up costing more than larger spaces, specifically in tight locations like commodes or laundry rooms whereby sanding equipment cannot fit.

If you have actually old flooring such as carpet that needs removing,, or furniture that need to be moved to one more room, you can expect a charge for these services as well.

Refinishing a staircase can also increase the expense of the project – sometimes by as much as 50 percent. This task generally prices anywhere indigenous $40 come $75 per stair.

Finally, you might incur a pilgrimage charge if you execute not live in or near a significant metropolitan area.

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Is it Cheaper to Refinish Or change Hardwood Floors?

Ultimately, refinishing your floors will expense less than replacing your hardwood boards. If you decision to replace your hardwood flooring, you’ll invest money ~ above removing your old floorboards by take it them out. Climate you’ll have added costs because that buying new hardwood floors and installing them.There may be a couple of hardwood floorboards the you have the right to replace if you yes, really can’t salvage them. But replacing your whole floor with brand-new hardwood will expense you a the majority of time and money. You deserve to expect come pay in between $2,495 and also $6,750 come redo her hardwood flooring, i m sorry will most likely exclude labor costs if you’re having it excellent professionally.

How lot Does It price To Refinish Hardwood Floors Yourself?

The average expense to refinish hardwood floors you yourself ranges between $50 and $90 come cover 700 square feet that flooring. But you’ll have actually to variable in other prices for coatings, labor, and also sometimes replacements for components that room severely damaged. Therefore, if you’re refinishing her floors yourself, the may price you approximately $499 to refinish 275 square feet.If girlfriend refinish your very own hardwood flooring the DIY way, you won’t have actually to variable in job costs. Merely ensure you have actually the correct equipment so the you don’t damages your wood flooring. Her refinishing project might take part time as soon as doing that on her own, however you’ll save a lot of money doing it yourself.

What Is The Cheapest method To Refinish Hardwood Floors?

The cheapest means to refinish hardwood floors is to perform it yourself, yet such work requires the correct equipment and products. First, you’ll need to strip the old complete off that your wood floors. To execute this, you’ll must buy or rent an commercial floor sander. These sanders will certainly remove stains and finishes fast and also without hassle.After you’ve sanded down your floors, you can clean increase the dust through a vacuum cleaner. Then you can use a floor polish, using an orbit buffer to job-related the product right into the wood. Enable your floor come cure for 2 to three weeks so that can become durable and also waterproof before you move furniture back into the room.

How much Does It price To Strip and Refinish Hardwood Floors?

The average price to refinish hardwood floors you yourself ranges in between $50 and $90 come cover 700 square feet of flooring. Yet you’ll have actually to element in other costs for coatings, labor, and sometimes replace instead instead for parts that space severely damaged. Therefore, if you’re refinishing your floors yourself, the may cost you approximately $499 come refinish 275 square feet.If you refinish your very own hardwood flooring the DIY way, friend won’t have to variable in job costs. Simply ensure you have the correct tools so the you don’t damage your wooden flooring. Your refinishing project may take some time when doing it on your own, however you’ll save a the majority of money doing it yourself.

Can girlfriend Refinish timber Floors One Room at A Time?

No, you can not refinish hardwood floors one room at a time if the floorboards continue into another room. You need to sand the entire area so the you can strip the floorboards evenly. Then you’ll require to apply your coating and also finish come the floor without absent spots.If you decision to work-related on one room in ~ a time, her floors will have an uneven finish, which will certainly make them look different. You want the aesthetics the your wooden flooring to be regular throughout your home, so that is ideal to refinish your entire floor at once.On the various other hand, If you want to occupational on one room in ~ a time, you’ll need to install a change piece the separates all the rooms. Additionally, you’ll be able to refinish one room at a time if every area has a different type of hardwood flooring.

How long Does Refinishing Hardwood Floors Take?

It will take girlfriend from 3 to 5 days to refinish your hardwood flooring. The will also depend top top how many coats of product you’ll need to finish the refinishing and also how lengthy it will take to dry.After you’ve completely refinished your hardwood flooring, you’ll have to stay turn off the floors for at the very least 24 hours so that it have the right to dry properly. For at least 48 hours, you must refrain indigenous walking top top the floors with shoes. Undertake socks once walking ~ above your newly refurbished hardwood floors to protect against shoe prints all over the brand-new coating.

Is It worth It come Refinish her Hardwood Floors?

Yes, it’s worth refinishing hardwood floors instead of replacing them. Refinishing is cost-effective, the quicker, and also it’s a lot easier because it requires less labor.If you want to replace your hardwood floors, you need to rip lock up and find a method to dispose of the boards. Climate you need to find fantastic retailer the sells high-quality hardwood flooring. Additionally, you’ll either need to install the floorboards you yourself or get a skilled to do it for you.Refinishing her hardwood flooring doesn’t call for as lot labor, and you only need sanding machines and a floor polisher, i beg your pardon you have the right to rent. You’ll climate need appropriate coatings or stains of your choice. A refinishing project takes much less time and also effort and, if excellent properly, can make old flooring look brand new. Therefore it’s absolutely worth refinishing your wooden floors.

Can You choose A Different shade Stain when Refinishing Hardwood Floors?

Yes, you can select a different shade stain for her hardwood floors. As soon as you sand your floors down, you’re basically removing old stains and finishes. When sanded, her floor will have its natural wooden surface exposed. That means you can pick any stain shade you desire for the project.Make sure the stain you choose complements the aesthetics of the room and also your inner décor. Stop low-grade hardwood stain due to the fact that it can negatively affect the trust of the wood. Low-grade wood stains may also cause mold growth and may fade over time.There are high-quality wood stains ~ above the sector that will include a thin layer of defense to the surface of your floors. A high-quality stain will safeguard wooden floors from surface ar soiling and also UV degradation.You have the right to expect to salary $79 because that a gallon of high-quality timber stain for your floors, i beg your pardon is much cheaper 보다 buying brand new hardwood floorboards.

What Is A Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoat?

A screen and also recoat is once you offer your hardwood floors one extra sheen. Screening method to buff your floors before using your coating, which will safeguard the surface of your floors.Screening is done through an industrial floor buffer come smooth the end the surface ar of the wood v an abrasive pad. Buffing permits the coat come adhere to the wood surface an ext effectively. The screen and recoat procedure restores the glow of the timber for a new and enhanced look.

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In Conclusion

Now the you know an ext about hardwood refinishing costs, you can start to plan to carry out the task yourself or acquire a experienced to perform it for you. Refinishing your floors the “DIY way” will expense you a many less, and also it’s easy sufficient to execute yourself.

All you need to do is to buy the correct products, such together stains or coatings, and also rent the devices you need, such together orbital sanders or polishing machines. Make certain you remove all furniture and rugs native the room before you start.

It may take you part time to refinish your hardwood floors, and your home may have actually an odor afterward from the coatings friend pick, however it will certainly all be worth it in the end. You’ll likewise have to spend time away from the rooms after you refinish your floors, however afterward they’ll have resilient coating ~ above the surface.

There room many benefits to refinishing your hardwood floors, together as offering your home a stunning new look. If you’ve excellent the refinishing correctly, it will certainly look together if you’ve changed your hardwood floorboards.

Do you think the hardwood refinishing costs are worth it? execute you think replacing your wood floor is the much better option? allow us know what your thoughts space by leaving us a comment below. We would certainly love to hear around our readers’ experiences v refinishing or replacing hardwood flooring.

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