Cost to download a bathroom winter varies considerably by an ar (and also by zip code).Get complimentary estimates from interior designers in her city.

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May 7, 2021

The low, average, and high costs were updated v our new 2021 data. Geographic modifiers were likewise updated.

Sep 29, 2020

Rewrote the arrival and update the costs and project.Added a ar on winter price price per square foot and also mirror price by type.Added details on the expense to install a toilet mirror, replacement costs, and also cost to download a medicine cabinet.Added a i on winter removal cost.Added a i on the bathroom winter vs. Consistent mirror.Updated enhancements and also improvements with information smart mirrors, recessed bathtub mirrors, bathroom winter with integrated TV, framing a toilet mirror with tile, and also anti-fog mirrors.Updated added costs and considerations with information on size, installing a medicine cabinet within the wall, exactly how to install a mirror, reinforcement, and also shipping and also delivery.Added a FAQ section with 10 questions and also answers.Updated the final expenses with an average range.

Aug 31, 2017

A brand-new “FAQ” section can be uncovered at the finish of the price guide, where you can uncover information that might not bein other sections.

Jun 16, 2017

To help the user understand the task of the expense guide we have added an image, in this case, a bathroom mirror and also a summary at the beginning of the expense guide v the price of acquiring one installed.

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Most homeowners likely have at least one mirror mounted somewhere in their home, with countless spaces boasting them in the entryway, life room, dining room, and also bedrooms. The many common and most valuable place to have actually one installed, however, is in the bathroom. It lets you take benefit of the an are to aid you gain ready for her day, whether with a standard, a magnifying cut mirror, or one with lights. Once paired v a medication cabinet, a winter stores crucial toiletries. It can visually improve the room and also make that seem larger. The national mean to install a bathroom winter is $110 to $240, with many homeowners paying approximately $158 for a 36 x 60-inch vanity mirrorinstalled. On the lower end, the environment of a 24 x 35-inch vanity mirror can cost $79, when a high-end 31 x 48-inch tri-view medication cabinet set up can cost up to $895.

Bathroom winter Installation prices

Mirror Costs
National mean cost$158
Average range$110 - $240
Minimum cost$79
Maximum cost


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