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What would certainly you fee to develop a wheelchair ramp v the adhering to dementions? 40" vast x 156" long witha 48" x 48" landing? looking for labor costs. Thanks.
How deserve to we bid the project, permit alone labor expenses if we understand nothing around materials?Concrete, P/T, composite? Maybe simply a item of OSB against the currently steps....

Now, no trying to fire anyone here yet I think the more important question in every one of this is...what would YOU fee to construct it? probably you have virtually no overhead come speak the or you have actually have rental on a shop to consider.Maybe you have actually (or don"t have) insurance come pay because that in instance you develop a ramp the ends up killing the one the is an alleged to help. Countless things because that you to think about my friend...many things.Andy.
His trade is listed as "wheelchair ramps" and also he desires to know just how much job for this dinky thing??FLAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take your average kid, tell the to build a cycle ramp appropriate where you want the ramp.Done.Its what i do, and also it functions great. Ns don"t salary the kid though, reason im to cheap, yet i do offer candy and also a drive roughly the neighborhood. -Bill
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What would you charge to build a wheelchair ramp through the complying with dementions? 40" vast x 156" long witha 48" x 48" landing? searching for labor costs. Thanks.
First turn off 4"x4" landing is no ADA compliant. It demands to be at least a 5"x5"". And also like they all said. Numerous different means to price this.
Xan is absolutely correct...Needs to it is in 5x5...Unless you"re talking about Texas - that"s a entirety other can of worms...:no:Based on your specs, you"re looking in ~ 6240 sq customs of ramp and another 3600 because that the ADA compliant landing...9840 sq in
$0.02 would be about $197 in materials...Gotta figure one more $150 in labour...Round up to $350 and consider you yourself done... :clap:
100 builders were request this question and also the peak 5 answers are on the board. When asked, "How much will user52810"s wheelchair ramp cost?", survey said!$350.00
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First off 4"x4" landing is no ADA compliant. It requirements to be at the very least a 5"x5"". And like they all said. Many different means to price this.

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XanadooLTD your right. Also there are other codes and also dimentions come consider. Instance would it is in the area about the door. Which method the door ferris wheel Ba Ba Ba. If this is what you execute for a living you should study the ADA in your area and learn what is needed. ADA deserve to be very tricky and seems to adjust alot where I live. Asking the AHJ castle can overview you in the ideal way. :thumbsup:
At the finish of the day nobody here have the right to price a task sight unseen, for someone else"s business, in who else"s market. Asking for an "average" or "ball park" expense is unproductive at best.There"s nothing wrong with being new, yet take part time to find the forum ~ above the topic of pricing. You"ll uncover a number of good threads that will suggest you in the right direction.This thread is currently closed.
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