Tommy Fisher, 51, spent $30 million to build a 3-mile wall in Rio Grande, Texas.

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It's consisted of of 15,000 steel articles that run along the flow separating US and also Mexico in the area.

He's now in search of someone to buy it, report Bloomberg.

Last year, at a price of $30 million, Tommy Fisher finished building a private 3-mile wall surface at the US-Mexico border in Texas. Now the 51-year-old is in search of someone come buy it, Bloomberg reported.

It's looking to it is in a difficult sell, especially due to the fact that President Joe Biden has actually rolled earlier construction on his predecessor's wall surface (though Biden's chief of homeland defense did to speak in April the the administration might shot to to fill "gaps" in the existing barrier). Just last month, Biden returned $2.2 exchange rate to the army that had actually been allocated to building a wall under the trump administration.

According to Bloomberg, Fisher's wall, i m sorry runs along the Rio Grande, consists of "15,000 18-foot-tall steel bollards" spaced 5 inches apart.

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Fisher said Bloomberg he started thinking about building the wall as a an individual project when Donald trumped got chosen in 2016. A Republican donor and frequent Fox contributor, Fisher called the outlet: "I to be like: 'This would certainly be yes, really fun. This would be a job that would be remembered, favor the Hoover Dam.'"

In 2019, We construct the wall - an organization specialized to crowdsourcing accumulation to build a border wall surface - payment Fisher's agency Fisher industries $6.9 million to construct a half-mile ar of wall in brand-new Mexico, Bloomberg reported.

We construct the wall surface was established by Brian Kolfage, a us veteran, and co-led through the former White home chief strategist Steve Bannon.

In so late 2019, Fisher started structure a second stretch in Texas after receiving secondary $1.5 million. He later parted methods with the organization, and also continued building the second wall; its price eventually ballooned come $30 million - 20 time the original estimate.

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In 2019, Kolfage, Bannon, and two others were indicted on hesitation of defrauding donors of $25 million in link with the organization, follow to court records seen by Insider. Bannon was provided a pretrial pardon by trump card just before he left office. Kolfage later on faced added tax-fraud charges.

Fisher's work with We construct the wall helped that score much more than $2 exchange rate in contracts from the Trump administration - despite, as The Washington short article reported, parts of his builds being plagued by architecture problems and poor construction.

In enhancement to structural issues, Fisher's project has actually been the topic of pushback from ecological groups and neighbors that oppose the wall, NPR reported. They said it was constructed too close to the river and also could worsen flooding.

Last year, the national Butterfly Center, a nonprofit conservation organization, sue WBTW and also Fisher Industries, saying the wall surface may disrupt the rivers flow and also cause flooding ~ above both sides, per the linked Press. Meanwhile, the US global Boundary and also Water Commission also filed a suit, saying the water sail from the wall's building could shift border lines in between US and also Mexico.

Fisher sectors did not automatically respond come a inquiry from Insider because that comment because that this article.

Despite both lawsuits, Fisher ongoing to sink money right into his wall surface project, that told Bloomberg, due to the fact that he believed he was structure the "Lamborghini" of walls and also someone would buy it.

He's hope that as border manage remains a problem, the federal government will be relocated to take over his personal wall.

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In may this year, united state authorities encountered an ext than 180,000 migrants in ~ the southwestern border, according to data native the us Customs and Border security - the many in 20 years. More than 50,000 world came in v the Rio Grande Valley, where Fisher's 3-mile wall surface is.