There’s no inquiry social media marketing is just one of the most famous ways to flourish a business. In fact, the number say it all: there room 3.78 billion society media users worldwide in 2021, and in the us alone, as many as 82 percent the the populace use social media. 

But to really recognize how and where to market your products, you not only need to recognize what the most famous social media platforms are, yet you also need come understand specifically how consumers are distributing their time among them.

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So simply what’s the median time invested on social media per day and also how go it vary according to each platform? 


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Time invested On society Media: top Platforms

According come the latest data top top time invested on society media, us users invested the many time on Facebook. Top top average, consumers room expected to invest 33 minute a day on the platform in 2021.

Even though facebook reigns together the King of social Media, users’ time spent on the platform has actually actually been decreasing over the years. In 2017, the average social media user in the US invested 39 minute on Facebook. This dropped to 36 minutes in 2018 and 33 minute in 2019 prior to rising again contempt to 35 minutes in 2020.

At 32 minutes a day, the communication on which united state social media users spend the second most lot of time is TikTok. This is very impressive since it to be only introduced in the united state in 2017. 

This is adhered to by Twitter v 31 minutes and Instagram with 29 minutes. Snapchat rounds out the 5 platforms us social media users spend the most time on every day in ~ 28 minutes.

COVID-19 rise to average Time spent On social Media

Of these 5 platforms, 4 are intended to view a to decrease in the mean time invested from 2020 come 2021. Just Snapchat organized steady at 28 minutes.

This is due to the boom in the mean time invested on social media in 2020 as a an outcome of the coronavirus pandemic. Through lockdowns being implemented across the country, consumers were compelled to remain home. To keep themselves entertained, many turned to society media.

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Even though the mean time invested on social media in 2021 will fall slightly native 2020’s figures, they space still meant to be greater than the time invested in 2019.