I love feeding a crowd. Freshly I developed a taco bar menu and served 100 tacos. It was easy and budget-friendly.

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Many time I develop things and also realize if i don’t create them down, i am never ever going to remember castle the following time I need the information. The Taco Bar Menu is one of them. The other night I had to feed about 50 people. So ns made sufficient taco meat for 100 tacos and also all the toppings.

I do it easier by to buy prepackaged items however if you have actually time and also need to conserve a little more money you might do a little more to prep because that this meal.


Printable Taco Bar Shopping perform For 100 tacos

Taco Bar menu for 100 Tacos

The Meat – I like to usage 80/20 floor beef. It has enough grease to save the meat moist so it doesn’t dried out. My grocery store sells them in 3-pound packages and they room really affordable.

I obtained lucky and the mainly I essential the meat, the was only $1.97 every pound! I would certainly get about 18 pounds of floor beef to make 100 tacos. This will make certain you have enough and also you will certainly probably have actually a little meat leftover.

Tip – Make certain you drain the grease indigenous the cooked meat prior to you include the water and also seasoning to your meat.

The Cheese – You can never have actually too lot cheese! however to make sure everyone has actually a enough amount that cheese girlfriend should have 20 cup of cheese. (I purchase the 4 cup bags due to the fact that it normally comes the end cheaper every ounce.)

Taco Shells – This one is easy! simply make certain you have 100 shells – soft or hard!

Lettuce – i am usually surprised at how many people add lettuce to your tacos! girlfriend should have 6-7, 8-ounce bags of shredded lettuce.


Tomatoes – some world like simply tomatoes and also others choose salsa. I choose to have actually both. So include 6 large tomatoes to her list and you will have to dice castle up because that taco night.

Salsas and also taco sauce – much more people like salsas. Purchase at least 62 ounces of salsa and also a smaller container the taco sauce.

Sour Cream – sour cream in a squirt party is therefore much far better for taco night yet you can additionally get the tubs to stay more budget-friendly. However make sure you have actually at least 64 ounces of cake cream obtainable for her guests. If you acquire the squeezable kind, you deserve to probably gain less because it spreads better.

Taco Seasoning – I prefer to do my own yet it’s a the majority of spices for this countless people. However if you want to make some of the meat gluten-free – you deserve to use my taco seasoning recipe. If gluten isn’t an issue, you have the right to buy the prepackaged mix.

Most grocery store stores have actually a big bottle v 6.5 ounces of premade seasoning. I would certainly use about 1 1/2 of this bottles. However the finest thing is to season the meat together you walk and shot it to make sure it’s not over or under-spiced.


Don’t forget paper plates, cups, and also drinks! We also had a few bags that tortilla chips in case we ran the end of taco shells and also had leftover meat and toppings to serve. Or some people likewise prefer to do a nacho-style taco plate.

You have the right to cook and also season the meat ahead of time and add the meat come a slow cooker to keep warm. You deserve to fit around 10 pounds of cook meat in a large slow cooker. Once it’s practically time come eat you have the right to heat up the shells and put the end the toppings.

You can also include toppings favor diced onions and guacamole based upon your budget. This is a pretty straightforward meal to prepare since most of the is bought ahead of time that is already prepared and you have the right to keep the meat in the slow-moving cooker while girlfriend do other things.

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This is a good starting allude if you are searching for taco bar concepts for a graduation or wedding. Right here is a printable Taco Bar Shopping perform For 100 tacos.

18 Pounds 80/20 ground beef20 cup Mexican Cheese100 Taco shells – soft & crunchy6-7 8oz bags Shredded Lettuce6 huge Tomatoes62 oz Salsa with an 8 oz bottle of taco sauce64 oz tart cream2- 6.5 oz bottle taco seasoning (You have the right to follow the food preparation instructions follow to the package.)

Many time my family all concerns visit in ~ the same time for this reason I have actually some tips around How come Meal arrangement To feeding A huge Crowd. It’s no for 100 tacos yet it’s a the majority of food because that extra guests!