Medically the review by Katherine Marengo LDN, R.D., Nutrition — composed by Anisha Jhaveri and Adam Felman — updated on October 29, 2020

Ever choose teriyaki chicken over general Tso’s and prided yourself on resisting the fried option?

Nixed the oil-based vinaigrette on your salad because that a “lite” poppyseed dressing?

Liberally spread your sandwiches with honey mustard instead of mayo?

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Before patting yourself on the back for picking what girlfriend think is the healthier condiment, take it a minute to consider that the different may have actually saved girlfriend grams that fat, yet it filled the void with one more ingredient: sugar, and also lots of it.

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So plenty of bottled condiments are loaded through sugar. Walk by plenty of pseudonyms — such together high-fructose corn syrup, molasses, and also cane syrup — sugar sneaks into the many unexpected dipping sauces, spreads, and also dressings.

It’s high time to obtain savvier about the sugar we’ve unknowingly been including to our food. We broke down ripe condiments that pack a surprising amount of the sweet stuff.

Since us think yes sir a difference in between the argued serving size and also how lot we’re really layering on, we damaged it down by comparing suggested servings matches reality.

We also rounded increase from the numbers in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) FoodData central sugar measurement for food. We can’t account for every brands, however where we could, we used data indigenous the generic product and also rounded up to the nearest totality number. (Given just how processed many store-bought condiments deserve to be, it’s for sure to assume any kind of product is much more sugary than you suspected.)

And don’t miss out on our tips for maintaining your intake in inspect so her condiments no hampering your eat-less-sugar goals.

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1. Ketchup

A traditional ketchup bottle will certainly tell girlfriend one offer is a tablespoon and also packs 4 grams of sugar (the USDA lists share ketchup as having 3.19 grams of sugar every tablespoon).

But who really spend a measly tablespoon with their basket that fries or grilled cheese? That’s best — precise nobody.

We’re all conveniently putting away at the very least two servings the the stuff every time we use it, so if we’re gift realistic, we’re eating a minimum of 2 tablespoons — that’s about 8 grams of sugar.

Sugar every serving

Suggested: 1 tbsp = 4 g sugarReality: 2 tbsp = 8 g sugar

2. Sriracha

Finding out sugar is noted second ~ above the ingredient list behind the iconic rooster logo design is a heartbreaking moment. Why can not sriracha it is in saved? We believed it had our backs, then bam! appropriate in the betrayal.

The USDA lists sriracha as having actually 0.982 grams the sugar per teaspoon (so let’s call it 1 gram). But who to be the last warm sauce lover you saw using a teaspoon come measure the end their serving? Come on.

So yeah, that’s no realistic either.

Sugar per serving

Suggested: 1 tsp = 1 g sugarReality: 3 tsp = 3 g sugar

3. Barbecue sauce

Sugar contents in barbecue sauce varies based on the brand. However no matter what type you’re using, the a pretty good bet the it’ll have at least 4.65 grams of the sweet stuff per 1-tablespoon (about 14-gram) offer in the kind of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and/or molasses.

(We’re calling that 5 grams that sugar, and to it is in honest, numerous brands that barbecue sauce have actually at least 6 grams.)

But as soon as did you last use less than 1/4 cup that barbecue sauce to baste a chicken breast, marinate a steak, or slow-cook pulled pork? fine wait. That basting take away a lot that tablespoons — and a lot of sugar.

Hot diggity dang, is that tasty, though.

Sugar per serving

Suggested: 1 tbsp = 5 g sugarReality: 2 tbsp = 10 g sugar

4. Mayonnaise

Most mayos proudly case they save on computer zero grams of sugar per serving, yet the ingredients clearly show street is involved. What gives?!

Annoyingly enough, according to food-labeling laws, a product deserve to be advertised as having actually no street if it consists of less 보다 0.5 grams per serving. Um… it is still sugar, folks. Sorry to break it come you.

Regardless, if you’re adding regular mayonnaise, sugar no the difficulty so much as fat content. The “light” arrays substitute sugars for fats to retain flavor, so they have more stealth sugars.

(The USDA list one 15.6-ounce tablespoon of irradiate mayonnaise as having actually 0.55 grams that sugars, which is definitely much more than 0.5 grams. Step up her mayonnaise labeling game, world.)

While mei manufacturers no technically break the rules, lock still being sorta sneaky, particularly for everyone who’s avoiding all the sugars.

So if you’re adding an ext than a tablespoon (chicken salad, anyone?), you’re adding at least 1 gram of sugar (unless you’re making use of these recipes). No, it’s no the finish of the world, but it can sneak increase on you.

Sugar per serving

Suggested: 1 tbsp = 0 g sugarReality: 2 tbsp = 1 g sugar

5. Sweet relish

Given the name, that no surprise sweet relish is a sugar-laden condiment.

A 1-tablespoon serving comes v a hefty 4.37 grams the it, according to the USDA (we’ll contact that 5 grams for the sake of help you reduced sugars).

This is often as result of high furustos corn syrup — something come consider before you start dolloping generous spoonfuls of taste onto your warm dog.

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Then again, if you’re eat a warm dog, you more than likely aren’t in element “tracking included sugars and also processed ingredients” mode.

Sugar every serving

Suggested: 1 tbsp = 5 g sugarReality: 2 tbsp = 10 g sugar

6. Honey mustard

Many people select honey mustard as a lower-fat different to mayo and think that perfectly healthy because, friend know, there room antioxidants in honey.Alvarez-Suarez JM, et al. (2013). Honey as a resource of diet antioxidants: Structures, bioavailability and also evidence of safety effects versus human chronic diseases. Http://

So it could come as a shock the in many commercial brands, love husband is provided way under on the ingredient list, fine after both high furustos corn syrup and also sugar.