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Tic Tacs are amongst the simpler joys of human being existence. Since the candy’s inception in 1968, the small, difficult mints have been exit in many flavors in end 100 countries. Anyone who is counting calories will take comfort in the nutritional information, which proudly proclaims 1.9 calories per serving and also 0% sugar. Offered that each Tic Tac is made nearly entirely of sugar, it would certainly seem that something is amiss. As it turns out, the is a true statement that a candy the is practically entirely sugar is likewise sugar-free. Confused? review on, and we’ll explain.

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The recipe because that Tic Tacs contains sugar, fructose, maltodextrin, peppermint necessary oil, rice starch, gum arabic, filling agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), and glazing agent (carnauba wax). The odor may readjust the ratios of this ingredients somewhat, yet the major ingredient, sugar, renders up end 94% the every very delicious piece.

The factor the nutrition information can be reported together 0% sugar rests through the method the relevant federal government regulation is worded. If you look carefully at the Nutrition facts on the earlier of the package, friend will watch that the details is report on a per-serving basis. The serving size is one piece.

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Federal regulations need that any amount of sugar in overfill of 0.5 grams per serving should be reported. Each Tic Tac weighs in at 0.49 grams. That means none the the sugar needs to be reported, enabling the candy to it is in legally marketed as “sugar-free.”

The company’s website acknowledges this on its FAQ page:

The common package the Tic Tacs contains 38 candies. If girlfriend gulp down every one of them, girlfriend will have actually ingested about 18.5 grams that sugar and also 74 calories. If it helps ease your conscience, however, simply eat one in ~ a time, and comfort you yourself in the mathematical reality that zero multiply by 38 is quiet zero, so friend shouldn’t have actually anything to worry about.

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