For numerous of us, Google storage is the modern-day hard drive. The the ar where our most essential thoughts, documents, and also memories reside. But as with with a traditional hard drive, the an are isn’t infinite, and also running out of room can be a real problem.

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By default, Google offers you 15GB of an are to usage for everything linked with her account. (If you have actually a payment Google Workspace — previously G Suite — account, her limit’s most likely higher.) That contains content connected to Gmail, Google Drive, and all Google picture (except those saved prior to June 1st, 2021). Needless come say, data adds up fast.

You can examine your present storage standing by visiting this page, and also if push pertains to shove, you can purchase much more space there, too, for as small as $2 a month for an extra 100GB. Yet shelling out much more money could not be necessary. A rapid round the old-fashioned housekeeping might be enough to clear far your virtual cobwebs and also give yourself ample room come grow. Here’s exactly how to execute it.

Delete drive debris

Google drive is a common place because that space-sucking documents to build up and also wear down your quota, yet tidying things up doesn’t take it long.

Look through the heftiest offenders and also delete anything girlfriend no longer needClick the gear-shaped icon in Drive’s upper-right corner, and also select “Settings,” followed by “Manage Apps”For any type of apps that have actually a note about hidden data, click the gray “Options” crate to the right, and select “Delete hidden app data”

For any type of apps that have a note around hidden data, click the gray “Options” box to the right, and select “Delete hidden application data.” Apps linked with her Google drive storage have the right to sometimes have actually hidden data, but all the takes is a pair of clicks to remove it.

Free up Photos storage

Unless you currently have a design 5 or previously Pixel phone (in which case, you will, for now, save the endless “Storage saver” option), together of June 1st, 2021, every photo and video clip backed up to Google picture is going come count versus your Google storage. If you’ve been saving photos in ~ their initial sizes, girlfriend can free up lots of room by converting them come Google’s “Storage saver” alternative (which supplied to be called “High quality”). This compresses photos down come 16MP and also videos to 1080p (a adjust that’s i can not qualify to be noticeable for most people and also purposes).

You have the right to compress plenty of of your saved photos and videos to conserve space. an additional handy source on this same web page is the “Manage storage” button. Madness that, and it will take you come a page which will tell you roughly how much more time you have before you to fill up her storage space, and offer to discover (and delete) blurry photos, screenshots, and other perhaps unwanted images that are taking increase space.

Google has actually a page that helps you remove unnecessary pictures that are taking increase space.

Say goodbye to Gmail junk

Emails don’t take up a ton of space, however you understand what does? Attachments. Odds are, you’ve got plenty the old attachments sit in her Gmail account that you don’t yes, really need.

Here’s just how to deal with that:

Go to the Gmail website and form “has:attachment larger:10M” into the find box at the topIdentify any messages through disposable attachments and also delete them. (There’s no an excellent way to remove an attachment without additionally deleting the associated email, unfortunately, however you can constantly forward a message back to yourself and also manually remove the attachment prior to axing the original.)

Feeling lighter is liberating, no it?

Update February 19th, 2021, 10:37AM ET: This post was initially published on in march 19th, 2019. The details on Google Photos has actually been updated and it’s detailed that G Suite is currently Google Workspace.

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Update October 21st, 2021, 10:00AM ET: Updated come account for transforms in Google Photos’ warehouse options.