We all walk for that American-style, crispy, smoked bacon in the mornings, however have you ever tried Canadian bacon? Average bacon is crispy, salty, and also in general, simply perfect, so Canadian bacon should be the same, right? Yet, there"s a twisted in that—after doing part research and also trying some on my own, I have the right to tell you the they"re absolutely not the typical bacon the you crave. What is Canadian bacon, girlfriend ask? Here"s what you must know.

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What Is Canadian Bacon?

Canadian bacon doesn"t actually come from Canada—in fact, it"s only called this in the US. In Canada, this type of meat is frequently referred as "back bacon" or "peameal bacon." uneven the continual bacon strips, which space entirely cut from the fatty belly of the pig, earlier bacon is cut from the loin (or behind the shoulder) of a pig and also includes just a small bit of pig belly, make it much leaner. It typically comes in rounded slices the are currently cured and completely cooked, together opposed to constant bacon, i m sorry is smoked and also comes raw.

What Does that Taste Like?

If you intend something that tastes like average bacon, then you"ll it is in disappointed. Canadian bacon doesn"t taste choose bacon in ~ all. Instead, that tastes much more like ham due to the component of the pig it"s reduced from. The Canadian bacon ns tried was really lean and tender, and also there to be no marbling in sight. However, it short the saltiness of typical ham and also was leaning much more towards the sweet side. It to be also very juicy, unlike regular bacon, and when fried it still didn"t lose its sweetness and juiciness. 

Is Canadian Bacon Healthy?

Canadian bacon strips are considered a healthier variety of bacon. Because Canadian bacon strips are lot leaner, lock contain a lower amount of calories than typical bacon. One oz of Canadian bacon is around 30 calories with much less than 1 gram the fat. In contrast, one ounce of regular bacon contains around 10-12 grams of fat. 

There"s also more protein in Canadian bacon, i beg your pardon has around 12 grams every serving. That way that if you have Canadian bacon because that breakfast, it would certainly supply around 20 percent that the recommended daily protein entry (60 g).

However, perform keep in psychic that similar to regular bacon, Canadian bacon likewise contains a huge amount the sodium. A typical two-slice serving would supply you with 500 mg that sodium, so you wouldn"t want to eat that frequently.

When to use Canadian Bacon

When would certainly you want to use Canadian bacon over regular bacon strips? If girlfriend would favor a juicier, sweeter taste and tenderness instead of crispiness in her recipes, I would certainly recommend Canadian bacon due to the fact that of that is flavors and the reality that it comes precooked. In addition, if you desire to eat a tiny healthier, I"d indicate replacing consistent bacon through Canadian bacon due to the fact that it"s reduced in fat and higher in protein.

Personally, ns still like the crispy, continual bacon strips end Canadian bacon—but hey, that"s simply me. If you"ve never ever heard the Canadian bacon, ns hope that this article permitted you come know much more about this unusual range of bacon, and also I encourage girlfriend to try it out to check out which one fits her taste.

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