Celery juice has come to be increasingly popular among health-conscious consumers. It’s frequently used to encourage hydration, mitigate inflammation, and support all at once health (1).

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However, drink too lot celery juice may cause several negative side effects.

Here are 5 potential side impacts of celery juice.

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Celery is high in mannitol, a form of street alcohol discovered naturally in plenty of fruits and also vegetables (2).

Mannitol acts together an osmotic agent, definition that it pulls water into your digestive tract and also loosens stools (3).

For this reason, many people report experiencing digestive side effects like diarrhea after drinking celery juice.

Although these side effects commonly subside over time, they may be much more pronounced amongst those v underlying conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (4).


Celery juice is high in mannitol, i beg your pardon may cause digestive side impacts like diarrhea.

2. High blood pressure

Celery juice is relatively high in sodium, with about 189 mg in 1 cup (240 mL) (5).

The U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA) proposal that adults limit their salt intake to 2,300 mg per day. Together such, drinking number of servings the celery juice every day may make it daunting to remain under this amount (6).

Moreover, some studies imply that high sodium intake contributes to increased blood press levels, especially among those who are sensitive to the effects of salt (7).

Thus, those with high blood pressure may need come moderate your intake that celery juice and also other sodium-rich foods.


Celery juice is reasonably high in sodium and may increase blood push levels amongst salt-sensitive individuals if consumed in huge amounts.

3. Enhanced hunger

Celery juice is frequently blended and also strained, a process that removes most of the fiber in celery.

Fiber is a beneficial compound found in plant foods items that moves through your digestive tract slowly, helping reduce appetite and keep you feeling complete (8).

Studies imply that fiber intake might also assist weight loss and also fat loss (9).

If you’re instead of fiber-rich foods in your diet through celery juice, your fiber intake will certainly drop. In turn, this may contribute to raised hunger and also appetite.


Celery juice is low in fiber and may reason increased hunger if you drink that in place of eating fiber-rich foods.

4. Interactions with certain medications

Celery juice is high in vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin the plays a an essential role in blood clotting (5, 10).

While this is no a problem for most people, those taking details medications may need come monitor their vitamin K entry carefully.

In particular, people using blood thinners like warfarin are advised to keep a stable intake of vitamin-k-rich foodstuffs rich to ensure the their medicines work successfully (11).

This doesn’t mean that you require to get rid of foods high in vitamin K from her diet. Instead, it’s crucial to consume roughly the exact same amount the vitamin K every day and also avoid sudden alters in your diet (11).


People using blood thinners like warfarin should preserve a steady intake of foodstuffs high in vitamin K, consisting of celery juice, to prevent interactions with their medications.

5. Sun sensitivity

Celery contains psoralen, a chemical compound discovered in several varieties of fruits and vegetables (12, 13).

This compound reacts to sunlight and also can reason phytophotodermatitis, one inflammatory condition that leads to blisters and patches top top the skin complying with sun exposure (14).

Older studies and also case reports attach increased sun sensitivity come an extreme intake the celery or celery juice (15, 16).

However, this reaction usually occurs when foodstuffs containing psoralen come into call with your skin. It’s unlikely to affect those that drink a couple of servings of celery juice every day.


Celery has psoralen, a compound the may cause increased sunlight sensitivity if spend in big amounts.

The bottom line

Although celery juice may be a safe and healthy enhancement to your diet, the may cause several adverse side effects if spend in high amounts.

In particular, drinking big amounts of celery juice may connect with details medications, raise your blood press levels, rise hunger, and trigger cradle side effects like diarrhea.

Therefore, it’s finest to enjoy celery juice as part of a healthy, well-rounded diet and also stick to around one or two servings per day.

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Written by Rachael Link, MS, RD top top April 15, 2021 — medically reviewed through Kim Chin, RD, Nutrition

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