Last January, bad weather assisted cancel hundreds of flights across Europe together a strong winter storm disrupted take trip to and from the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. Two years ago, during the 2017/2018 winter season, flights in north Europe were again grounded en masse as heavy snow affected the take trip plans of hundreds of passengers. However just because your trip can be cancelled as result of snow doesn’t typical it’s a common occurrence.

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Hundreds of flights take location every work in Europe and around the human being under poor, snowy weather. This is feasible because as lengthy as visibility is great and safety is ensured, a storm isn’t most likely to publication your next European flight.

So, if you’ve ever before wondered “when do flights obtain cancelled because of snow?” store reading.

Bad Weather Cancellations

Causing difficulties during take-off, landings and even if in the air, bad weather choose a freak snowstorm deserve to mean the difference between leaving on time and hours-long delays. That’s due to the fact that when there’s a many ice or snow on an plane runway, airplane can’t for sure taxi, take-off or land. Just like with her car, icy conditions can mitigate traction for a plane’s landing gear. Given they room ultimately associated to the ground via a grasp of rubber tires that grip the runway’s asphalt, this deserve to prove to be a dangerous situation.

After a hefty snowfall, a loss of traction have the right to lead to hydroplaning or other complicated and danger effects. To assist combat this, runways have lengthened landing ranges during storms. Yet even a healthy and balanced amount of snow won’t store you base indefinitely — airports have and are trained in the use of tools that helps clean excess eye off your runways. This equipment is an reliable tool as lengthy as the rate of precipitation doesn’t exceed its capabilities.

Low Visibility Cancellations

While snow might take some blame, most flight cancellations space actually because of low visibility, which increases the hazard aboard a advertisement flight. If the pilots’ vision is limited, it’s tough for them to navigate both in ~ the airport and in the sky.

Furthermore, low visibility deserve to hinder a pilot’s dependence on trusted landing instrumentation, which deserve to lead to negative or catastrophic decisions based upon where the pilot believes the plane is in relation to the objects approximately them. Unfortunately, this is just how some crashes occur — not because of poor weather. However, it is frequently the instance that negative weather typically brings ~ above the circumstances that add to short visibility, and, ultimately, to a flight cancellation.

High Wind Cancellations

Even if eye is not actively falling, solid or high winds have the right to still cause problems for flights, both ~ above the ground and also in the air. Top top the ground, sitting snow can be easily kicked increase by winds, reduce visibility because that pilots and also affecting traction. This can lead come unpredictability from minute to moment.

A common concern is that winter storms are often accompanied by violent wind gusts, i m sorry can show up out of nowhere and also without warning. This wind gusts do both take-offs and also landings specifically challenging, if no risky. In the air, high winds can likewise exacerbate turbulence, horrible passengers and also taxing pilots and also machinery as the trip travels come its destination.

Airplane ice cream Cancellations


Another way that flights have the right to be grounded during an especially cold weather is if ice forms on or approximately a plane. Usual and an especially concerning places are a plane’s wings, landing equipment or at the front or behind of the plane. Once ice forms in these areas, visibility or regulate can be substantially affected.

Sleet or ice can also kind more often on one airport’s runways throughout freezing rain conditions, compared to yes, really snow. The freezing of the runway can wreak destruction on traction throughout taxiing, take-offs, and landings. While plenty of airports in chillier climates have protocols to deal with ice buildup, an too much amount deserve to lead come a cancellation or a delay departure.

Cancellation Decisions

While it may seem obvious that airplane don’t ground themselves, any type of flight cancellation must without doubt be made decision somewhere by someone or something. Usually, this take away the form of usual protocols the stipulate a cancellation when specific criteria are met. Some common criteria include the quantity of snowfall in a given period or whether various other flights and also airlines room cancelling travel due to bad weather.

Beyond these protocols, regulators at specific airports or airlines may decide to cancel flights come avoid any kind of risk of issues or injury. Also the pilots have the ability to decide it’s finest to sit this one out due to factors like short visibility or other problems with their specific plane. When this wake up after you’ve currently made it to the airport, it have the right to be a frustrating thing. However it’s better safe 보다 sorry, particularly considering the potential troubles that stem from paris in poor conditions.

Can Planes paris in Snowstorms?

When a snow storm hits yet travelers still have places to be, a usual question that infrequent flyers is, “Can planes fly in snowstorms?” The price is “it depends.” because that the many part, airplane can and also do fly in all kinds that weather, including snowstorms. However, the type of snowstorm and also its effect on runways and planes is what’ll store you grounded on your next trip.

That said, uneven your flight has been delayed or cancelled, friend shouldn’t suspect a problem, and also you need to still display up to the airport on time. Also with severe weather, flights are typically delayed, not cancelled.

Even if a cancellation occurs, that is usually adhered to up with an alternate flight that exact same day, weather permitting, the course. It all comes down to visibility, safety, and also whether her actual flight is estimated to it is in affected.

Cancelled or delayed Flight? deserve to Help


If your European flight was substantially delayed or cancelled early to poor weather — or for any type of other factor — friend may have actually rights under EU261. This 2004 flight hold-up compensation law protects individuals traveling from an EU plane or to an EU airport on one EU airline.

Indeed, her flight delay refund have the right to be as lot as €600 per passenger per flight, i m sorry can include each leg of your journey and both her departing and also arrival flights. Especially in the winter when negative weather reasons travel delays and cancellations. Other problems like overbooking can additionally be covered, as airline shuffle their many passengers around. It’s essential to know your rights.

However, just since your trip was delayed or cancelled doesn’t average you’re instantly entitled come compensation. There’s a lot of fine print and rules, and also the airline take special treatment to confused the problem with vouchers, alternative flights, and other compensation.

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That’s why it’s finest to leaving it to the professionals at We’ll open up and paper a insurance claim on your behalf straight with the responsible airline and also do every the hefty lifting while girlfriend sit back and go about your life. Contact or click today to see how we can help you insurance claim the money you’re rightfully owed.