As of Tuesday, the city that Chicago has actually seen nine right days of measurable snowfall taped at O"Hare Airport.

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If February in Chicago feels specifically snowy, you"re right. ~ the latest snowstorm, the city has seen a winter’s worth of snow in the past three mainly alone.

In the last 22 days, 36.2 inch of snow fell on Chicago. Commonly the city averages 36 inch of snow for whole season. Comparatively, in the vault 122 days, we witnessed 8.6 inches.

So is this the snowiest winter Chicago has ever before had? not quite.

As the Tuesday morning, Chicago clocked 44.8 inches of eye so far for the season, follow to NBC 5 meteorologist Paul Deanno. Totals room measured at O"Hare international Airport. That contains 7.5 inches native this week"s storm alone.



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That seasonal snowfall place us between the 1893-1894 season (44.4 inches) and the 1896-1897 season (45.0 inches) to rank 38th amongst snowiest seasons.

Plenty more snow fell across the region in various other parts that the Chicago area. Because that latest snow totals in her area, click here.

Here room the height 10 Chicago snowfalls of every time, according to the national Weather Service:

89.7 inches: 1978-197982.3 inches: 1977-197882.0 inches: 2013-201477.0 inches: 1969-197068.4 inches: 1966-196766.4 inches: 1951-195264.1 inches: 1917-191860.3 inches: 2007-200859.5 inches: 1964-196559.5 inches: 1903-1904

Here"s just how much snow has actually fallen in the past five seasons:

34.8 inches: 2019-202049.5 inches: 2018-201936.1 inches: 2017-201826.1 inches: 2016-201731.2 inches: 2015-2016

Parts of the Chicago area experienced well over a foot of eye Monday night into Tuesday, v some snowfall totals getting to as high as 18 inches, together the latest round the winter weather blanketed the region.

As that Tuesday, the city has seen nine right days that measurable snowfall videotaped at O"Hare Airport.

That ties the record for continually days v measurable eye in the city, i m sorry was collection between Feb. 3-11 in 2018, follow to the national Weather Service.

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Should the city check out at the very least .1 customs of snow loss Wednesday, a possibility as a weak system might bring small amounts come the area in the evening hours, a brand-new record will be set.

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