Yes, there’s eye in ours Monday forecast, but March snow normally melts within a couple of days.

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Southwestern Minnesota can see some rain showers by Sunday evening. Those showers adjust to snow by so late evening. As we walk from so late Sunday night with Monday, the snow will spread throughout much of southerly and central Minnesota and also into components of Wisconsin.

The national Oceanic and also Atmospheric Administration’s north American Mesoscale (NAM) forecast version shows the potential precipitation pattern because that Sunday evening with Monday evening:


Simulated radar Sunday evening through Monday evening
NOAA, via

The eye is supposed to come in the southwestern part of the pair Cities metro area by mid to so late morning top top Monday, but it may host off till Monday afternoon in the northeastern component of the metro. The snow can mix through drizzle or freeze drizzle in components of Minnesota.

Snow amounts and advisories/warnings

Forecast snow amounts through Monday are greatest in southwestern and south-cenral Minnesota, whereby some 5 come 8+ inch totals space possible:


Forecast snow totals Sunday night v Monday
National Weather Service

Winter storm warnings begin at 1 a.m. Monday and also continue until 4 p.m. Monday in the pink shaded areas on the following map,:


Advisories and also warnings late Sunday night and Monday
National Weather Service

Monday winter weather advisories room shaded blue.

Here room details the the warnings and also advisories:

URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE nationwide Weather organization Twin Cities/Chanhassen MN 328 am CDT sunlight Mar 14 2021 ...HEAVY SNOW across SOUTHERN MINNESOTA late TONIGHT right into MONDAY... .A Winter Storm Warning is in effect from 1 AM tonight to 4 pm CDT Monday for areas south that a line from Redwood falls to Mankato and also Waseca. A Winter Weather Advisory is in result for the remainder of southerly Minnesota from 4 to be to 4 afternoon CDT Monday. A tape of precipitation will lift northeast into southern Minnesota late tonight, quickly becoming all snow. This will certainly be a heavy, wet snow with rates of over an inch per hour possible. The snow will taper off during the late morning into early on afternoon top top Monday. Full accumulations that 5 come 8 inches room expected in the warning area v 3 to 5 inches expected in the advisory area. MNZ073-074-082>084-091>093-142000- /O.UPG.KMPX.WS.A.0005.210315T0600Z-210315T2100Z/ /O.NEW.KMPX.WS.W.0004.210315T0600Z-210315T2100Z/ Redwood-Brown-Watonwan-Blue Earth-Waseca-Martin-Faribault- Freeborn- consisting of the urban of Redwood Falls, new Ulm, St James, Mankato, Waseca, Fairmont, Blue Earth, and Albert Lea 328 to be CDT sunlight Mar 14 2021 ...WINTER STORM WARNING IN effect FROM 1 to be TO 4 pm CDT MONDAY... * WHAT...Heavy mixed precipitation expected. Full snow accumulations the 5 come 8 inches and also ice accumulations that a light glaze. * WHERE...Portions of south central and southwest Minnesota. * WHEN...From 1 to be to 4 afternoon CDT Monday. * IMPACTS...Travel can be an extremely difficult. Patchy blowing snow could substantially reduce visibility. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning and evening commutes. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... If you have to travel, store an extra flashlight, food, and also water in your car in case of an emergency. The latest road conditions for the state you space calling from have the right to be acquired by calling 5 1 1. Road problems can additionally be uncovered at for Minnesota or because that Wisconsin.

The twin Cities metro area is no in a winter weather advisory because that Monday, yet we’ll check out some snow, which could be blended with irradiate rain or drizzle in ~ times. Some projection models display two to 3 inches of eye in the subway area ~ above Monday, with the highest totals in the south and also southwest metro….check updates.

You have the right to hear update weather details for Minnesota and also western Wisconsin on the MPR network, and you’ll see updated weather details on the MPR News live weather blog.

Temperature trends

Sunday highs will be largely in the 40s, with some 30s in northeastern Minnesota. Our mean Twin cities high temp is 40 degrees this time that year. Components of the metro area could see Sunday high in the top 40s to approximately 50.

Monday highs will be mainly in the 30s come the south, with some 40s in parts of northern Minnesota:


It’ll be breezy again on Monday, through gusts of 20 to 25 mph in countless areas:


Plotted gusts space in knots, v 20 knots same to 23 mph.

Temperature trends

Twin Cities subway area highs space projected to with the lower 40s Tuesday, complied with by top 40s Wednesday and also Thursday and also 50 ~ above Friday. We can see highs in the 50s next weekend.

Warmer than normal temps may then linger into the adhering to week. The NWS Climate Prediction facility shows a propensity for above-normal temps in Minnesota and also western Wisconsin from March 21 through March 27:


Record big in 2012

The record Twin cities high temperature for March 14 is 73 degrees, collection in 2012. We had actually a stretch the 7 work in march 2012 wherein we collection 6 day-to-day record highs:


The in march 17, 2012 high the 80 degrees collection a brand-new Twin Cities record for our earliest 80 in any year.

Programming note

You have the right to hear mine live weather update on MPR News in ~ 7:35 a.m., 9:35 a.m. And also 4:39 p.m. Each Saturday and also Sunday.

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