Updated: 8:56 a.m.A solid winter storm brings heavy snow to sections of southern Minnesota Monday, if sunshine and also mild temperatures continue north.

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Monday’s snowstorm

The exact same storm that lugged Colorado blizzard condition over the weekend is now relocating through the main U.S. Monday. Although the center of the storm continues to be well southern of our state, the northern edge that the humidity is already bringing snow to southerly Minnesota, consisting of a more heavier band of eye we have been monitoring through the morning.

Here's the 815 Radar Update: heavy snow continues under the band simply southwest that the Mississippi River. Please drive slowly and also with fist under this tape of snow #mnwx #wiwx pic.twitter.com/zzjjp3FEmN

— NWS Twin cities (
NWSTwinCities) in march 15, 2021

That snow progressively spreads north right into the afternoon.

Because the the place of the storm, to add drier wait north and also east, the most heavy snow continues to be south, and also portions of southerly Minnesota will see 6 inches of snow or more. This has actually most of southerly Minnesota under one of two people a winter storm warning or winter weather advisory through Monday evening, consisting of the western and southern pair Cities metro area.


Monday warnings and also advisories
National Weather organization

The twin Cities should see 2 come 4 inches, and also the precipitation will certainly likely impact the Monday night commute.

Here is the meant snowfall for the rest of Monday, although please keep in mind it walk not incorporate some the the snow that has already fallen in southwestern Minnesota (many reports of 3 inch or more, through 6 inches report in Edgerton as of 8 a.m.):


Forecast snowfall v Monday night
National Weather company

For central Minnesota, just trace quantities of snow are forecast, and the northern edge of the state is expected to dodge the storm entirely. In fact, that area might not even get the cloud cover and could have sunshine throughout the day.

That contrast is additionally shown in the temperatures. Under clear skies, the Arrowhead had single digits and also teens Monday morning, while much of the state to be the 20s and also low 30s. However, north Minnesota is estimate to it is in the heat spot Monday afternoon, v 40s, while locations seeing the clouds and precipitation say in the 30s.


Monday high temperatures
National Weather company

Those 30s south median the snow will certainly be a wet, heavy snow, and also there can be part rain combined in throughout the afternoon hours.

It will likewise be windy, especially in southerly Minnesota, v gusts meant over 30 mph in ~ times. The winds to decrease by the evening, and the snow gets rid of out with the overnight.

Extended forecast

Any lingering snow around the state ends by at an early stage Tuesday, and highs for many of the state will certainly be near 40 under greatly cloudy skies.

More sunshine return Wednesday, then mainly sunny skies prevail with the remainder of the week.

Temperatures also continue come rise, with most of the state earlier in the 50s by Thursday, and also a couple of 60s possible south on Sunday.

Twin Cities forecast through Sunday

While the remainder of this main is looks primarily dry after ~ Monday’s snow, weather models show the early part of following week may turn active again. By then, temperatures would certainly be mild sufficient that rain and also thunderstorms would certainly be an ext probable than significant snowfall.


Potential storm Monday, march 22nd
Tropical Tidbits

We’ll store you posted together anything approaches!

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