UPDATE, 10 a.m. Sunday — Light eye will finish Sunday morning across main and southern Minnesota. No much more than an inch or two of additional snowfall is intended today, follow to the national Weather Service. Gusty winds might lead to locations of blowing and drifting snow.

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Image via national Weather Service

More than seven inches the snow dropped in components of the pair Cities metro over the weekend, consisting of 7.5 in Lakeville, follow to unofficial data.

Even an ext fell south of the metro. An ext than 10 inch of eye was report in Madelia, Minnesota, located outside of Mankato.

How much snow did friend get? right here are some of the snowfall totals from across our area #mnwx #wiwx pic.twitter.com/r84PocRErv— NWS Twin urban (
NWSTwinCities) December 2, 2018

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UPDATE, 11 p.m. Saturday — eye will proceed to move in a counter-clockwise direction v the night, follow to the national Weather Service. One more 2 customs may autumn in certain parts the the twin Cities metro by the morning.

Be aware of icy and snowy roads and also drive with extreme caution.

UPDATE, 2:45 p.m. — It"s begun. The snow storm that"s currently coated many of southerly Minnesota Saturday morning has arrived in the Twin urban metro.

Some that the heaviest snow will loss in the following two to 3 hours. Approximately 5 inches will fall in the metro.

Read more about what"s expected from the storm this weekend below:

NWSTwinCities Let the snow! It"s coming down in Farmington and winds space kicking up slowly. Pic.twitter.com/ADaKVzE1PC— JP Andersen (
jp_andersen1) December 1, 2018Snow has officially fight #MSP ! #MNwx pic.twitter.com/PxOyvb0Cve— Miranda Mair (
MirandaWX) December 1, 2018
Plow video camer in Goodhue County. Picture via Minnesota department of transportation

TWIN CITIES, MN — A winter storm will certainly hit southerly and central Minnesota Saturday, consisting of the Twin urban metro. Full snow accumulations that 3 to 5 customs are expected in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, with winds gusting together high as 40 mph.

A winter weather advisory — lasting from noon Saturday come noon Sunday — has been approve for main Minnesota, consisting of Wright, Hennepin, Anoka, Ramsey, Washington, Carver, Scott, and Dakota counties.

A winter storm warning has actually been expanded throughout southern Minnesota and is now in effect for locations along and south the a Madelia to Red wing line, wherein 5 come 10 inches of snow is expected.

Here"s a see from a plow camera in southern Minnesota (taken at 12 p.m. Saturday):

Image via Minnesota department of Transportation

While MnDOT staff prepare for snow and also ice control, motorists can also prepare because that winter weather control by complying with these steps:

enable extra time to acquire to your destination.Be patience behind the wheel and also remember snowplows room working to enhance road conditions.Stay ago at least 10 car lengths behind a plow, much from the eye cloud.Stay alert for snowplows that revolve or leave frequently and often with little warning. Anticipate the plows may likewise travel end centerlines or partially into traffic to additional improve roadway conditions.Slow under to a safe rate for current conditions.No texting, emailing, or web while steering – it"s the law.

The recent road conditions for Minnesota deserve to be uncovered at 511mn.org and also for Wisconsin at 511wi.gov, or by call 5 1 1 in one of two people state.

Here"s a particular look at as soon as — and how much — snow will autumn over the next 24 hours in Minnesota:

Image via national Weather company
Image via nationwide Weather Service

According to the national Weather Service, a winter weather advisory for snow "means periods of snow will cause primarily take trip difficulties. Intend snow covered roads and restricted visibilities, and use caution while driving."

A winter storm warning because that snow way "severe winter weather conditions will make travel really hazardous or impossible. If you have to travel, store an extra flashlight, food and water in your vehicle in situation of one emergency."

Hunker under by 2 pm! A wave of snow now in southerly Minnesota moves north into MSP area by around 2-3 pm. Intensity will certainly pick up easily this afternoon therefore you might want to gain errands excellent by approximately 2 pm. I"m still expecting 2" to 5" MSP, 5" come 10" southerly MN. #mnwx pic.twitter.com/OHZjZg0sl0— MPR Weather (
MPRweather) December 1, 2018

National Weather projection for the pair Cities:

Today: Snow, mostly after 1 p.m. High near 34. Breezy, v a northeast wind 15 to 20 mph, through gusts as high together 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100 percent. Total daytime snow build-up of much less than one customs possible.

Tonight: Snow. glossesweb.comy blow snow in between 7 p.m. And also 11 p.m. Stable temperature approximately 34. Breezy, v a phibìc northeast wind 15 come 20 mph, v gusts together high as 30 mph. Opportunity of precipitation is 100 percent. New snow accumulation of 1 come 3 inch possible.

Sunday: Snow likely, mainly prior to noon. Cloudy, v a temperature falling to about 28 by 5 p.m. Phibìc wind roughly 15 mph, with gusts together high together 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60 percent. Brand-new snow buildup of less than one customs possible.

Sunday Night: largely cloudy, with a low approximately 19. Phibìc wind approximately 10 mph.

MnDOT Urges Caution approximately Snowplows

The Minnesota department of transport is urging chauffeurs to use extra caution throughout plowing and snow removal operations. MnDOT snowplows have already been connected in crashes with the public this year, the room said.

"Our snowplow operators are seeing inattentive drivers, vehicle drivers driving also close come the plow and motorists driving too fast for conditions," said Todd Stevens, acting state maintain engineer, in a statement.

"These are the main causes of crashes v snowplows. Our motorists are fine trained come drive their plows, however motorists should be patient, stay back from the plow and only pass as soon as it is safe to perform so."

Graphic via national Weather Service

Here room some various other recommendations for safe driving roughly snowplows:

Stay alert because that snowplows, which rotate or leave frequently and often with tiny warning. They also may travel over centerlines or partially in web traffic to additional improve roadway conditions.Stay back at least 10 car lengths behind the plow. Don"t drive right into a eye cloud.Slow down to a safe rate for present conditions.Turn on your headlights and also wear her seat belt.Turn turn off the cruise control.Be patience and psychic snowplows room working to improve road problems for her trip.

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Don"t drive distracted.

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