Summer is well and truly ~ above it’s way now, and along with summer comes swimming pool parties, beach-going, skimpier clothing, and also of food bikinis. Depending on how you’ve spent your winter months you may discover yourself wondering: Am I also fat come wear a bikini this year?

Here’s what to perform if you uncover yourself questioning this question.

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Are Your involves Real?

Step 1: You require to create whether or not your concerns are real, or simply in your head.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that you have the right to be your very own worst doubter sometimes.

It’s worth learning if your concerns around your load are genuine or imagined. Sure, possibly you let her diet fly the end the home window during the cooler months so the you could stay warm with comfort food; however did all that food actually go to your thighs and also butt like you store telling yourself?

Unless you’ve got concrete proof to present that you’ve definitely gained weight then don’t tension yourself out for no reason.


Remember, weight is just a number top top a scale and also not necessarily a great measure of just how you in reality look, therefore don’t give it too much thought.

Instead, you’ll want to cut right to the chase, and see specifically how the bikini in reality looks as soon as you’re put on it.

How come Tell If your Bikini looks Bad

Shock! Horror! i don’t average to anxiety you out with this step ladies, however it is a crucial process.

First of all, what is ‘bad’, and also how do you define it?

I don’t intend to body-shame anyone, and I definitely don’t think it is ideal to ever do so. In mine opinion, ‘Bad’ is if you execute not look prefer you desire to look. It’s not around numbers top top a range or ~ above a measure tape, or what the recent supermodels look like. It’s around how you desire to present yourself come the world.


Here, you’ll be trying on your bikini – in the privacy of her own home – and scrutinizing you yourself in the mirror.

The purpose of this exercise is to get comfortable v your body and how it looks. This is not meant to do you feel bad, or depressed, or offer up eating for the next couple of days.

Instead, you have to be mindful of what you’re functioning with. In any journey over there is a beginning point and an end point. Today we’ll uncover that start point.

How To inspect Yourself the end In A Mirror

To execute this, you’ll require a full length winter or wall surface mirror wherein you space able to view your whole body native head come toe.

You’ll also need a second mirror that you deserve to use to inspect your reflection so you’ll be able to see what you look like from every angles. This deserve to be a small hand mirror if you have actually nothing else.

photo credit: mr TGT via photopin (license)

Many people avoid feather at their bodies in the mirror, because they room afraid that what they might discover. Some people don’t also realize that this is the reason why castle don’t store an eye ~ above the state of their body regularly.

But knowing just how your body looks enables you come make confident changes and take action to do it right into the method you want it come be.

Ignoring a difficulty doesn’t fix anything, the just allows things come snowball, which can put girlfriend in a worse position once you carry out finally uncover out. So take a deep breath and let’s perform this.

First that all, you’ll require light, and also plenty the it. Forget hiding your body in dim lighting.

If you’re to plan on attract your bikini outdoors, you’ll be fully exposed come bright light in the type of the sun, and there’ll be no hiding that imperfections. You desire to be totally aware of how you could look in this situation, so gain yourself some great lighting for this exercise.

You’ll want to shot on her bikini and also stand in prior of the mirror. Just how does her body shape up?Next, you need to additionally check the end your rear. Stand through your ago to the complete length mirror, and also using your second mirror, hold it up to your face and angle the so the you can see her reflection in the full length mirror.

You can additionally do this through a camera rather of a 2nd mirror:

photo credit: Antífama via photopin (license)

You should be able to see your ago and butt, however by turning a little you can additionally use this trick to examine out her sides and other viewing angle of her body that you may not generally see.

Having a positive Self Image

Doing this tiny exercise will assist you to number out if you are confident sufficient to wear the bikini outdoors in publicly or not.

Are you willing to wear this outfit in public and also have others see you favor this?

You should also keep in mind the you deserve to be your own worst critic. It is very likely that other human being will not scrutinize her minor imperfections as lot as you, for this reason don’t walk throwing your bikini in the bin just since you might have a little cellulite ~ above your target or thighs.

Confidence provides you look good! photograph credit: Beach girls via photopin (license)

Having a hopeful self image and the appropriate mental perspective is paramount come looking good in a bikini. In the end, the means your body looks is just an extension of what girlfriend believe and the confidence that you project to others.

But ns Don’t like the method I Look, I’m also Fat!

Don’t feel bad if girlfriend aren’t happy with what girlfriend see in the mirror. The pure worst point you have the right to do in ~ this stage is to feel sorry because that yourself.

Many people fall catch to the ‘self pity’ mentality. They gain into a pattern of helplessness and also then do nothing to change their situation.


They may also turn come food or other unhealthy habits as a resource of comfort. Assumption: v what this does because that the problem – it makes it worse.


I’m right here to help you break the pattern!

If girlfriend weren’t happy with what friend saw; if her body is not the way you desire it to be; then you have to take positive action.

No one can do something to readjust you other than yourself. The concern is, what will girlfriend do?

Instead of questioning yourself self-defeating questions choose “Why to be I constantly so fat“, and then feeling helpless and sorry because that yourself, shot this:

Ask yourself something positive, like: “How can I do my body look fit and healthy, and have funny doing it?


Questions prefer this start your brain thinking around ways it can tackle the trouble you’ve identified, and permit you come take ago control. Rather of feeling hopeless and also helpless, you switch to gift in control and powerful.

This leaves you in a much far better state to have the ability to create the adjust that you want to see.

Let’s create The adjust You wish To See

Health is a lifestyle. If you’ve determined some worries with the means your human body looks that you desire to change, you’ll need to change your lifestyle to align with your goals.

If you discovered that girlfriend think her body demands a bit of a shape up prior to it’s bikini ready, then do a start on an exercise program and also begin watching her diet to produce the alters you want.

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Even simply 10 minute of practice a work will help you firm approximately a sexier shape. Why not try some of our obstacles as a start?

Eating healthier likewise doesn’t should be complicated or tasteless – you just need come make far better food choices. The Flavilicious Cooking recipe book is a an excellent starting suggest for healthy and balanced eating the doesn’t require Calorie counting, and also I would highly recommend it.

If girlfriend do have to drop a couple of pounds or firm up a little, My Bikini target by Andrea Albright is a an extremely fitting regimen that can aid you get an awesome feather bikini body and butt!

Keep On height Of things Until friend Succeed!

It’s very important to save on height of exactly how your body looks and feels, and also make alters to bring it in line with how you want it come be. This is true of all things in life, not simply looking good in a bikini!

I hope this exercise has actually helped friend today, and remember the the most essential thing you can do come create adjust is to take action – and also that way now!