The subject of tipping hotel housekeeping have the right to be how amazing controversial. You have some people who think housekeeping should be tipped, rather who believe housekeeping shouldn’t it is in tipped, and also plenty of civilization who just aren’t sure what’s expected.

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In this post I want to lay out the arguments on both sides, re-superstructure my take on tipping, and also share general tips on just how much you need to tip (if you choose to execute so).

The discussion for tipping hotel housekeeping

Many people think that it’s suitable to pointer hotel housekeeping. The reasonable is together follows:

Housekeepers are typically the hardest working and amongst the shortest paid people in hotelsNot only do they occupational the hardest, but they arguably have actually the most disgusting jobs, having to clean up some messy situationsHousekeepers provide customer service, similar to hotel concierges, hotel bell staff, or hotel bar and restaurant workers; just because you don’t connect with them doesn’t typical they aren’t offer youTipping hotel housekeeping isn’t an endorsement of the exercise of the price of job being passed turn off from hotel owners to guests, however rather is an acknowledgement the these world being underpaid and hard working
Hotel housekeepers occupational really hard

The argument against tipping hotel housekeeping

Many people think that it’s not vital to tip hotel housekeeping. The logic is together follows:

When you book a hotel you’re paying for a clean room, and that’s what housekeeping provides, so that should be a givenIt’s not the project of hotel guests to subsidize the incomes of housekeepers, and hotels should just pay them better wagesThe tipping culture in the United states is terrible, and also enough is enoughFor some human being it’s a matter of “out that sight, the end of mind,” as it’s not that they’re no trying come tip, however rather lock don’t also think about it
Aren’t you paying because that a clean room when you publication a hotel?

My stance on tipping hotel housekeeping

Personally I really much believe in tipping hotel housekeeping, at the very least in the unified States, which has a general society of tipping for great customer service (I don’t find it as necessary in various other countries, wherein housekeepers may earn fairer wages, yet I play it by ear).

Now, simply to be clear:

Do I favor the tipping society in the united States? Nope…Do ns wish hotel housekeeping were paid much better wages so ns wouldn’t feel compelled come tip? Absolutely…Am ns frustrated through the principle of “giving in” come greedy hotel owners who don’t want to salary for their staff? I certain am…Do i think hotel housekeepers have actually the hardest and also most thankless jobs in hotels? Yep…Am ns going come punish these hardworking employees who largely have a thankless job just due to the fact that the system sucks? Nope…

I believe in the “live and also let live” ideology, so if I have actually cash top top me, ns always try to leave a couple of dollars every day for some of the hardest working people in a hotel. I’m fortunate that a couple of dollars won’t do a material difference in mine financial situation, when I know it can go a long way for numerous of the people working in hotels.

I also think that housekeepers gain the short end of the straw of ours tipping culture. Whether you like it or not, in the United claims there’s one expectation the you pointer a taxi driver simply for law their task without them providing any sort the extra service for you. If castle should acquire a pointer for not going out of their way, those who job-related as tough as housekeepers have to as well, in mine opinion.

Now, I have to admit, I’m not perfect about tipping. I pointer hotel housekeeping whenever ns can, but the worry is that I periodically don’t have any kind of cash ~ above me, which can make it difficult to tip.

I reminder hotel housekeeping when I have actually cash

What percent that hotel guests pointer housekeeping?

A 2017 new York times story the interviewed hotel housekeepers suggested that about 30% of guests tipped. I’m not certain if that number has adjusted as a result of the pandemic, yet that’s among the few concrete number I’ve seen concerning tipping.

On the one hand, it’s my knowledge that hotel guests have started to tip more during the pandemic. On the various other hand, housekeeping services have been drastically reduced back, to decrease the avenues for housekeepers to be tipped.

One thing is for sure — tipping is the exception, quite than the norm. Together one housekeeper described it, periodically they’ll walk days without receiving a tip, and also even a $2-3 reminder makes castle happy, since it way someone appreciates what they’re doing and thought about them.

Over the years we’ve seen some many hotels introduce efforts to shot to encourage tipping, either directly or indirectly. Because that example, number of years back Marriott had actually envelopes v the housekeeper’s name, intended because that leaving a tip. These became discontinued, as guests apparently uncovered them to be tacky.

Marriott had housekeeping tipping envelopes a few years back

Other hotels have subtly introduced other initiatives to at least let you know who cleaned your room. For example, part hotels have “thank you” notes the the housekeeper leaves with their surname on them. Maybe it’s plan to remind you the there’s a real human cleaning her room.

A note at a Hyatt place hotel

How lot should you guideline hotel housekeeping?

The American Hotel & Lodging combination (ALHA) proposal tipping hotel housekeeping $1-5 per night. If you’re going to tip, ideally:

Leave that nightly, due to the fact that someone different can be cleaning her room every dayMake it evident that it’s a tip and also not just money lie around, because you don’t desire a housekeeper to be accused of theft; personal I constantly leave a pointer with a brief thank you note

Personally I usually leave around $5 per night once I have actually it (I pointer on the greater end of the scale because I frequently don’t have cash to tip, so hopefully that at least partly renders up because that the time that ns don’t tip). I’ll likewise tip a bit extra if the room is particularly messy (though that doesn’t happen often).

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A housekeeping reminder of a few dollars deserve to go a long way

Bottom line

Tipping hotel housekeeping can be a surprisingly controversial topic. I see both sides — ideally housekeepers would certainly be paid an excellent wages so that i wouldn’t feel favor I required to subsidize them. At the same time, they’re usually not paid particularly well, they work-related really hard, they resolve disgusting situations, and they draw the brief end the the tipping stick because they’re “out the sight.”

Personally ns think it’s appropriate to guideline $3-5 per night for hotel housekeeping once you have actually cash ~ above you. And also if friend tip, make certain you make it apparent that it’s a tip, and also not that it’s simply money lied around. That being said, tipping hotel housekeeping isn’t expected, in the feeling that a majority of civilization don’t tip.