How much to tipIf friend ask 10 civilization how much to reminder in a given situation, you"ll get several answers and a slew the hot-headed opinions around the "right" thing to do.To help start your next debate, here"s a fast guide come customary gratuities for assorted services. The guide is listed by the Emily short article Institute. Those with passionate views around how lot to pointer the pizza-delivery guy, please watch the info in the footnote detailed by two various other sources.(For a look at the genuine reasons we tip and whether tipping has actually anything to carry out with the quality of company we receive, click here.)
Waiter/waitress: 15% of invoice (excl. Tax) for sufficient service; 20% for very great service; no less than 10% for bad service
Headwaiter/captain: often it s okay a reduced of table server"s tip; so reminder your server extra come reward captain, or pointer captain separately
Sommelier, or wine steward: 15% of cost of the bottle
Bartender: 15% to 20% that the tab, with a minimum the 50 cent per soft drink, $1 every alcoholic drink
Coatroom attendant: $1 every coat
Parking valet or garage attendant: $2 to lug your automobile to you
Washroom attendant: 50 cents to $1
Taxi driver: Varies depending on locality. I think 15% will be enough; an extra $1 come $2 for aid with bags.

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Food shipment person:* 10% that the bill (excl. Tax), at the very least $1 because that bills as much as $10. Have to tip 15%-20% for a challenging delivery.
Grocery loader: Check v store policy if tips are accepted. If so, $1 because that bringing bags to car; $1.50 come $3 if you have an ext than 3 bags.
Barber: 15% come 20%, minimum $1, because that a haircut. For various other services (shampoo, cut or manicure) tip $1 to $2 to service provider.
Hairdresser: 15% come 20%. (It is currently acceptable to tip owner, unless he or she claims otherwise.)
Shampoo person: $2
Manicurist: 15%
Spa business (e.g., massage): 15% to 20%. If business is noted by owner, no tip.
Staff at coffee/food retailers with pointer jars: No reminder required. It"s completely optional.
Handyman: No tip
Gas attendant: No tip
* Mike Lynn, associate professor that consumer habits at the Cornell Hotel School argues tipping pizza delivery folk a minimum of $2 every pizza. His reasoning: Food delivery can it is in dangerous if transporting to crime-ridden neighborhoods or control in poor weather, etc. The net site www.tipthepizzaguy.com argues the following: 15% for regular service, through a $2 minimum; 20% for great service; 10% or much less for bad service; at least 10% because that orders of $50 or more. Don"t assume a delivery charge, if there is one, goes come the pizza deliverer. Asking the human being who takes your order.
Skycap in ~ airport: $1 every bag if you check-in curbside; $2 every bag if skycap takes bags come check-in counter.
Hotel doorman: $1 per bag for help with luggage; $1 per human being for hailing a cab
Hotel bellhop: $1 every bag because that bringing luggage to her room (but a $2 minimum if you have just one bag)
Hotel housekeeper: $2 come $5* per night
Hotel concierge: $5 for getting you tickets or appointments ($10-plus if they"re tough to get). No tip compelled when you ask for directions.

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Cruise: Varies. Questioning cruise line about customary gratuities.
Source: Emily write-up Institute* extr source: Tipping.org