Shaquille O’Neal is a former American professional Basketball player. In his outstanding career that 19 years, he has actually played with 6 teams, won 4 championships, and also earned $292 million in salary alone. Shaq was likewise heavily backed by numerous brands earning him $200 million native endorsements.

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Even after his retirement, the previous star player earns roughly a hefty sum that $60 million a year, as result of his investments and business endeavors. Let’s dive deeper right into Diesel’s network worth.

A Glance in ~ Shaquille O’Neal’s Asset accumulation

NameShaquille O’Neal
Age49 years (Born sixth March 1972)
ResidenceMansion in Georgia
Net worth 2021 $400 million
Salary$60 million
Endorsement Earnings$200 million
Source of riches NBA, Endorsements, genuine Estate, share market, Business, Music Industry, film Industry, own line the products
EndorsementsReebok, Pepsi, big Mac, Papa Johns, and also many more
ExpenditureMansions, Cars, Yacht, and also Charity
Philanthropy Be The Match, guys & girls Clubs of America, centre ValBio, communities in Schools, free The Children, children Wish Network, PeyBack Foundation, Phoenix House, and Rainbow push Coalition

What Is Shaquille O’Neal’s network Worth In 2021?

Considering all of Shaq’s resources of income and also expenditures, Celebrity Networth approximated his net worth as of 2021 to be $400 million. O’Neal is a good businessman and knows the worth of invest at the right time in the ideal place. In comparison to his peak income in the NBA the $30 million in a year, Shaq earns two times as much after the retired, amounting come a sky-high $60 million.

Shaquille O’Neal’s sources Of Income:

Over the years, O’Neal has had various resources to include to his wealth. Let’s dive a bit right into that.

O’Neal’s NBA Salary

Shaq played an tremendous 19 seasons lengthy career with six teams including Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, and more. He is one of the highest-paid NBA football player in history and even falls under the perform of the wealthiest athletes. O’Neil has earned end $292 million in salary throughout his career.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Endorsements


Nicknamed Diesel, Shaq has actually an ocean-wide list of endorsements. Very couple of athletes have actually rocked endorsements as well as he has. He has embraced it every from large names prefer Pepsi and Reebok to smaller sized brands favor Sleep Apnea Mask and also Susta street Substitute.

Diesel has actually well end fifty endorsements to his name and has earned end $200 million native them.

Shaquille’s Earning v Media Ventures

The former star player has likewise explored film and also rap careers. He appeared in films like Blue Chips and Kazamm while also appearing in TV reflects such as Curb your Enthusiasm and also The Parkers in the 90s. Shaq’s first rap album, Shaq Diesel, exit in 1993 go on to end up being platinum-certified. Shaq is still creating music under the surname Diesel.

Furthermore, Shaq has actually been featured in many video clip games and has starred in miscellaneous reality mirrors while additionally owning a podcast. Other opportunities include being an energetic commentator and also an analyst for inside the NBA.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Earning Through real Estate Investments

Back in 1993, Shaq built his dream mansion through $4 million in Orlando. The 12 bedrooms, 35,000 square feet monstrosity the a house likewise features a 17 car garage and a 600 square feet basketball court. In January 2021, Diesel offered his Orlando Mansion because that $16.5 million earning the a vast profit.


O’Neal additionally bought a residence in one LA suburb area called Bell Canyon because that $1.8 million in 2018. He placed this residence on the market for $2.5 million in 2019. The house offers much more than 5000 square feet of living space. It attributes white marble flooring, 5 bedrooms, and also 4 bathrooms.


In his hometown that Newark, Shaq collaborated with Beret development to build a $79 million 22 floor apartment structure nicknamed Shaq Tower. Alongside that, the two parties are additionally developing another apartment block for $150 million. The apartment has been nicknamed, The house That Shaq Built.

O’Neal’s Earning via various other Businesses

Over the years, Shaq has actually bought and also sold plenty of shares. Starting strong, Shaq owned 144 five Guys restaurants equating to around 10% the the entire franchise. Although that earned him quite the pocketful, the proceeded to offer his share.

The large Shamrock loves investing in rapid food and restaurant franchises. The list has 17 sister Anne’s, one Krispy Kreme franchise in Atlanta, and whole movie theatre in his hometown.

Time because that a pizza party! ns excited to sign up with
PapaJohns as a member of the plank of Directors and investor in 9 shop in #Atlanta. Excited to work with Papa John’s team members and also customers – more here:

— SHAQ (
SHAQ) march 22, 2019

Most newly in 2019, Shaq join the board of directors at Papa Johns. This will earn that $8.25 million for a three-year endorsement deal, making him the brand ambassador because that the franchise.

Furthermore, Shaq additionally owns fourty 24-hour fitness gyms, 150 automobile washes, and also even own a re-superstructure in Google!

O’Neal’s Earning v His very own Brand

Alongside endorsing and also owning share in multiple companies, Diesel has launched his line of commodities including Shaq jewel line, Shaq Sneakers, Shaq Suits, and also even children’s publications called little Shaq.

How Shaquille O’Neal security His Millions?

O’Neal does no shy away from spending a fortune. He right now owns two properties: His Bell Canyon house which he put up on the market for $2.5 million and also his mansion in Georgia, where he currently resides in. Reportedly, Shaq likewise owns a vast car collection, large enough to open his very own showroom.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Georgia Mansion


Diesel right now resides in his Georgia mansion the bought in 2016 for approximately $1.15 million. The mansion sits on 14 acres of land and two separate houses. Combined, the two offer over 7400 square feet of life space. The mansion consists of 8 bedrooms and also 12 bathrooms, a 12 seat house theatre, a games room, and a gym.

Shaquille O’Neal’s car Collection

The previous NBA star own an impressive automobile collection. While over there isn’t an accurate number come this collection, all of the cars an unified are approximated to cost roughly $4-5 million. To maintain all the cars that owns, O’Neal needs to spend $23,000 every month top top gas alone.

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In his collections, the two many expensive cars are the Ford F650 all-black truck, i beg your pardon with all of his personalized mods expense a lining $124,125.