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A couple of years earlier there to be a lot of buzz in the sector when rumors began to circulate around criminals filling their walls v sand in stimulate to build bullet proof rooms. The theory argues that about 3 and 1/2 customs of sand would certainly be all that is forced to avoid a bullet because the standard distance between two piece of drywall is about 3 and 1/2 inches.Sand bags have actually been supplied in army contexts for countless years when building trenches and also barricades so over there is some general feelings that sufficient sand will stop a bullet.

Sand is a really heavy and also dense material and also so girlfriend can quickly imagine it protecting against a bullet but is much less than 4 inch enough?

The most definitive testing seems to have been done by the pros over at package O" truth in which castle fired various handgun rounds and also rifle rounds right into boxes of sand. From every the exam “no ring penetrated more than 6 inches” of sand. (See their short article here)

Our girlfriend over in ~ BulletSafe additionally decided to placed it come the test with a Desert Eagle and also his outcomes were slightly more successful however still he to be unable come penetrate much more than about 7 inches.

So it would seem the Sand is an efficient stopper the bullets. I deserve to understand why the army would use Sandbags for an efficient cover shield. The good guys end at Tin hat Ranch likewise did a balistics test with sand bags.

I"m tho not encouraged that pouring sand into my walls is a great idea yet it would most likely slow down most handgun rounds enough to at really least make them far less lethal or perhaps would avoid them altogether. Sand is cheap and easy to find so there are numerous potential applications!


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