Have girlfriend wondered around the nutrition of mussels? Those cute small shellfish that deserve to be offered cooked in or the end of the shell. Mussels are accessible fresh, smoked, canned and even frozen. Today, I will be highlighting the nutrition for mussels due to the fact that they space delicious, versatile and jam-packed with health-promoting value. Acquire ready to dive in deeply as we check out the nutrition of mussels, how to prepare them and also how to incorporate in your diet. Hint: prepare mussels is simpler than you think (recipe to follow)!


My Mussels Story:

Funnily enough, mussels were the one food that terrified me as a child. I remember mine Nonno making lock as component of a household dinner, ns was too alarmed to even try them. Anything that connected opening a black covering was enough to deter me. However, as I obtained older, I provided them a try and discovered the chewy texture, mild and also salty flavour appealing. Ever since, I often order them at restaurants as an appetizer.

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This summer, for the an initial time, i made mussels in ~ home and they to be outstanding! Recipe here for my White alcohol Mussels in Tomato Cream Sauce.


My Life Lesson: In life, if other scares you, execute it anyway. Likewise, if a food intimidates you, shot it quiet – you could be lacking out ~ above a future favourite!

my #LifeLesson: If a #food intimidates you, try it anyway – you might be missing out ~ above a future favourite