Cashews are protein-packed nuts that room a great source the vitamins, minerals, fiber and also antioxidants. For most people, spend them in moderation is fine. However it’s important to be conscious of what makes cashews not so an excellent for some.

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Nut allergies

Cashew allergy is just one of the most typical nut allergies in the U.S. And also if you space allergic to any tree nut, possibilities are you may additionally be allergic to cashews. Examine with your doctor prior to munching top top cashews.

High oxalate content

Cashews have a reasonably high oxalate content, and also eating foodstuffs with a many oxalates can cause kidney stones. For this reason it’s necessary to keep an eye ~ above how plenty of cashews you’re eating. Much more than an oz a day may be as well much. Eat them with milk may help, due to the fact that calcium can help reduce oxalate absorption.

If you have actually kidney stones or are at threat for kidney-related conditions, you should talk to your doctor about how much is safe to eat.

Raw cashews are unsafe

Raw cashews with shells save on computer a chemical referred to as urushiol, i beg your pardon is poisonous. This toxic substance deserve to seep right into the cashew as well. Removed the shells from life cashews and roasting castle destroys urushiol. For this reason opt for roasted cashews as soon as you’re in ~ the store, due to the fact that they are much safer to eat.

If you room trying to shed weight or have actually high blood pressure, remain away from salted cashews.

Table: Nutritional composition of one oz (28.35 grams) the cashewsNameAmount
Calories157 kilocalories
Fat12.4 grams
Sodium3.4 grams
Carbohydrates8.56 grams
Sugars1.68 grams
Protein5.16 grams
Fiber0.94 grams

Cashews not just replenish your body with good amounts that vitamin K, thiamin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, zinc and also iron, yet they also have many health benefits when consumed in moderation:

Maintain healthy weight: Cashews are a good snacking option since they are full of an excellent fat, protein and also fiber which may aid satisfy your cravings and make friend feel full for a longer time. Remember to consume castle in moderation since they are high in calories.Brain health: Cashews save a good amount that copper, a mineral that plays a function in maintaining brain health and a strong immune system.

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Bone health: As a great source of magnesium and manganese, cashews can also help maintain bone health.
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