If Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ love because that the city no clear, the was evident after the quarterback purchase a component of the Kansas City Royals on July 28.

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If Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ love for the city wasn’t clear, that was obvious after the quarterback purchased a component of the Kansas City Royals top top July 28.

Mahomes said in a video clip conference through reporters Sunday the the part-ownership stake in the team who shares the same complex with the Chiefs started when ownership switched hands last fall.

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“I don’t recognize who had the idea first, but it was something where I clear love baseball, I prospered up in clubhouses and I love everything around it,” Mahomes said. “And anytime the Royals acquired bought last year through the Shermans, I wanted to be a component of it. It take it a little bit the time, those things take time. That took almost a year come get all of the language right and do it at the best timing with whatever going on in the world, obviously, yet we were able to perform it and also they to be able to let me glossesweb.comgn up with in with them and be component of something that’s walking to be long-term and be in Kansas City for a lengthy time.”

Local buglossesweb.comnessman man Sherman's ownership team purchased the Royals from the so late David Glass for $1 billion critical fall. The property group includes over 20 investor with regional ties, including entertainer Eric Stonestreet.

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid claimed Mahomes' purchase of the ownership stake to be something that didn’t surprised him.

“I’m proud the him,” Reid said. “You know how he’s wired. He’s all in v the city, and also I think he expressed the — if he currently hadn’t, that’s a definite glossesweb.comgn that the is, I would say — and he loves baseball, therefore it’s a match. Ns joked with him that he can’t play and also do both, however he can be a part-owner the one and also play the other — so, it’s his two loves.”


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