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CategoriesNooks and also cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe human body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and also screenBirds and also the bees BIRDS and THE BEESIf human being sperm room microscopic, then room blue whale sperm larger? If so how huge are they?Gary McLoud, Wiley City, Washington, USA Blue sperm whales have actually only come to be as big as they are in solution to long-term exposure come environmental determinants - long-term, yet really fairly short-term compared to just how long their kind, including their ancestors, have actually been around.Before they to be whales, they to be a kind of seagoing carnivore, no unlike a seal, however with the proportions the a rat. Before that, a wolf-sized predator, a kind of hairy crocodile in shape. The previous identifiable stage was once they to be not just rat-shaped however rat-sized, too. And also at the very same approximate time-period, the usual ancestor that apes and makind to be itself no much much more than a rat.So really, in evolution terms, over there isn"t much in between a man and also a whale. Even if it is the penis developing the ejaculate is six inches or 6 feet in length, the sperm in it room petty lot the exact same size. John Bennett, Glasgow, Scotland Sperm size varies in between species, yet it"s nothing to carry out with how huge the pet is. Sperm and ova are various sizes due to competition between males and also females: sperm are basically parasitising huge immobile, nutrient laden ova. Another ova-type sex cell can fertilise an ovum however fast, sneaky sperm have got in there first, in terms of evolution. Over there is part argument, however sperm size may vary IN and BETWEEN types due to just how much they compete against other sperm from other males: a lengthy tail or a big midpiece with several energy-providing mitochondria (the fuel tank) may outcompete (get the egg) smaller, slower sperm. Proportionally the biggest sperm is from a kind of fruit fly and is longer by number of times the male fly"s very own body. The dimension of blue whale sperm most likely depends on even if it is female whales mate with much more than one male and also promote "sperm competition". Invoice Bateman, Pretoria south Africa "Proportionally the greatest sperm is from a sort of fruit fly and is much longer by several times the male fly"s very own body."So, does he lug it about in a holdall then? Annie, Edinburgh, UK around the same. Bigger organisms don"t have actually bigger cells, just much more of them. Gerry Kavanagh, Galway Ireland The point is, sperm are cells. The thing with cells is the they can only gain so big before they quit functioning. This is due to the fact that of the surface-to-volume ratio, i beg your pardon decreases together the size rises (ie. Less surface area to bigger volume) in spheres. Cells need surface area to trade materials and stuff with the outside (wastes, gasses, everything).So, sperm have the right to only get so big, and also probably not all that huge considering the size of a whale. Amanda, phibìc Carolina United claims The Amazonian rangoola dwarf eared mouse has actually proportionally the biggest sperm of any kind of mammal when interestingly enough having the the smallest testicles! Jayne Johnson, Taunton, England, UK Hell, yeah they are bigger dude. Ns bet you cant also swallow a whale sperm if friend tried! Ken, Bunbury, Australia lock are, like, really large I job-related as an oceanographer and when we take sperm samples they"re about the dimension of a tadpole - a large one though. They have the right to eat dead ants its really weird. Blacksmith Jones, Badlands, Alaska Amazing, whales have actually some that the smallest sperm of every mammals. They differ from 50-75 microns, whereas human being sperm space 40-90 microns long. It is assumed that whales have actually such little sperm due to the fact that the female reproductive tract is so huge that having actually longer sperm doesn"t give a male any extra advantage. However it might be that a absence of competition between males method there is no press for male whales come evolve much longer sperm. Peter Gallivan, Sheffield, UK add your answer

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