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Cash flow to the Clinton foundation continues to plummet, leave the organization in the red for a second straight year after Hillary Clinton’s not successful bid versus President Donald trumped in the 2016 presidential election, freshly released taxation returns reveal.

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The Clinton Foundation’s $30.7 million revenue critical year is much less than half the $62.9 million it increased in 2016 together Clinton to be at the elevation of she presidential campaign. Every of the two years due to the fact that Clinton’s lose in the 2016 election has actually seen the organization revenue autumn to document lows, raising much less than any kind of fiscal year in much more than a te — a sharp comparison to the $249 million raised during Clinton’s very first year as secretary of state.

The foundation received much less money native fundraising events and its organization programs critical year contrasted to previous years but kept investing tens of millions in the programs. Paid speeches accounted because that $369,899 of the foundation’s intake, a soft uptick indigenous the $297,976 it got in 2017 but a vast drop native $3.6 million in 2014.

The foundation continued to chip far at its savings, burning an ext cash than it raised in 2018. V revenue the $30.7 million, it invested $47.5 million last year top top payroll, grants and also promotion, among other items. It likewise scaled ago spending on residential grants and foreign tasks compared come the front year, but spent an ext in 2018 on advertising, promotions and also fundraising efforts.

The revenue drop because 2016 was partly due to the fact that of the closing of the foundation’s three-year endowment campaign in 2015 and also the foundation’s minimal fundraising efforts as Clinton pursued her presidential bid, said structure CEO Kevin Thurm in a letter in 2016. The structure also announced the same year the cancellation of the annual meetings for one of its programs, the Clinton global Initiative.

The foundation’s interactions director Brian Cookstra stated the team remains “committed to operating programs that room effective, efficient, and also sustainable.”

Altogether, the charity relied on just nine donors critical year to haul in $11.9 million in contributions. The Clinton family Foundation, a smaller charitable reality that obtained mostof that $1.1 million revenue critical year indigenous Bill and also Hillary Clinton, in turn donated $800,000 to the bigger foundation.

Onward Together, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit Hillary Clinton started in 2017, reported $6.2 million in revenue critical year, consisting of $3.2 million in contributions, taxation returns show. Onward Together soaked up over $6 million throughout its inaugural year, yet around half of the was from book royalties, follow to glossesweb.com testimonial of the 501(c)(4) nonprofit’s most recent gaue won statement. The group gave money come support various other political groups and nonprofits, consisting of EMILY’s List and the nationwide Redistricting Foundation. One affiliated PAC, Onward with each other Committee, added $200,000 come congressional democratic candidates throughout the midterm choice last year.

In 2015, the Clinton structure amended four years of taxation returns ahead of the 2016 election, with changes ranging native updated speaking fee totals come revealing previously undisclosed foreign contributions. The foundation’s disclosure of foreign government money from countries such as Qatar and also Saudi Arabia as well as significant gifts from controversial donors such as Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk elevated concerns around the affect of foreign powers on she 2016 presidential run.

Trump has continued calling for investigations right into the Clinton foundation even as his own charitable foundation came under scrutiny, ultimately leading come its dissolution. The FBI apparently investigated the Clinton’s foundation in 2017 because that potential self-dealings and allegations that the structure promised donors favors in exchange for contributions if Clinton to be the secretary that state. Residence GOP members held a hearing on the Clinton foundation last year however investigations haven’t yet surrendered results.

As inquiries right into the Clinton foundation petered out, Trump’s foundation was fined $2 million earlier in November 2019 ~ an investigation found that the charitable vehicle was offered to more the president’s an individual and politics interests. Trump comment by express chagrin the the Clinton foundation had not faced a similar fate.

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