McALLEN, Texas (Border Report) — The exhilaration head that U.S. Customs and also Border protection on Tuesday announced the Trump administration had perfect its goal of 450 mile of new border wall surface along the Southwest border through the end of 2020, and said conference has offered the agency enough money to finish 738 miles.

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Mark Morgan, CBP acting commissioner, in a call with media ~ above Tuesday afternoon referred to as it a “monumental achievement” and also once again protected the strategical prominence of constructing the 30-foot-tall metal bollards with the desert, mountains and also thick brush from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. And in an answer to a inquiry from Border Report, he insisted conference believes in the border wall, saying it appropriated $1.375 billion recently to proceed construction.

U.S. Customs and also Border security Acting Commissioner note Morgan speaks to reporters in McAllen, Texas, ~ above Oct. 29, 2020, to announce the perfect of 400 miles of border wall. (Border Report document Photo/Sandra Sanchez)

“It represents a historic achievement by this administration,” Morgan said. “It doesn’t just stand tall together a simple reminder of guarantees made to the American people and also promises kept, but it stands as a reminder of our unwavering commitment to do everything we deserve to to for sure we have the tools to protect our national and also economic security. It need to serve to remind us all that borders matter and also failure come secure them have aftermath for every town, city, and also state in this good nation.”

Borders matter and failure come secure castle have aftermath for every town, city, and state in this great nation.”

Acting CBP Commissioner note Morgan

Morgan claimed he to be told on new Year’s Eve the the 450 miles were completed — that’s the goal President Donald Trump had actually promised to provide during his term. Together of Tuesday, 452 miles have actually been built and the management is averaging 1.5 to 2 new miles every day, that said.

New border wall surface miles have been developed in the complying with CBP sectors along the Southwest border:

El Paso: 131 milesTucson, Arizona: 114 milesYuma, Arizona: 107 milesSan Diego: 46 milesEl Centro, California: 31 milesRio Grande valley (South Texas): 17 miles
A full of 452 new border wall miles have been developed along the Southwest, CBP reports on its website (Screenshot).

On Oct. 29, just 5 days prior to the presidential election, Morgan and DHS exhilaration Secretary Chad Wolf checked out McAllen, Texas, to announce the completion of 400 miles of border wall.

On Tuesday, Morgan vowed that by the time Trump leaves office the administration will have actually awarded contract to complete a full of 700 miles of brand-new border wall. This includes areas in south Texas, wherein land has actually not however been acquired, Morgan said.

His declaration come just weeks prior to President-elect Joe Biden takes end the White home on Jan. 20, and Morgan even asserted that of late, Biden has actually “walked back” several earlier promises regarding immediate transforms to immigrant policies and border security.

Morgan stated that throughout recent meetings with shift team personnel, Biden’s camp appears to it is in receptive to “delaying some of these policies,” i beg your pardon Morgan cases would be “colossal” failures.

In response to a concern from Border Report, Morgan organized steadfast, saying that the $1.375 exchange rate appropriated by conference in the budget year 2021 Omnibus spending bill is undeniably because that the structure of brand-new border wall. Border Report pointed out that language in the $1.4 trillion spending package, which to be signed by trump card just before the new Year, does not stipulate the $1.375 is to be offered for border wall, yet for “the building of barrier system.”

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“Everybody knows obstacle system supposed wall. Everybody knows that and it’s clear. The reason why the language is actually provided as barrier system is therefore we have the right to actually add to the steel and also concrete,” Morgan replied. “We in reality were a proponent of not saying ‘wall’ due to the fact that the reason why is what we’re building now is favor no other infrastructure developed in the past since it is a obstacle system. The includes combined lighting, accessibility roads and state-of-the- arts technology.”

Border Patrol agents are seen patrolling close to a border wall surface equipped through aerial surveillance towers, infrared cameras and flood lights at royal Beach, California, in September 2018. (Border Report record Photo/Sandra Sanchez)

But in his response, Morgan himself appeared to walk earlier some of his comments saying if the building of the border wall surface were to cease, then technology should continue to be put up to assist Border Patrol agents.

“Steel and also concrete walking in the soil is an essential part of that multi-layer strategy. It should not it is in a choice,” the said. “However, if that is the decision by the new administration to eliminate a an essential part of that multi-layer strategy that ns think will negatively affect the American people, climate hell yeah, we’re going come fight come make sure they keep something. Our position is if you would certainly take miscellaneous away and also make our task tougher to defend the American world at least provide us some part of that multi-layer strategy, for this reason yeah, technology.”

Morgan’s comments Tuesday to be in stark contrast to federal lawmakers that recently helped craft the Omnibus safety measure.

Earlier this week, U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, vice chairman of the house Appropriations Homeland defense Subcommittee, told Border Report that the security package specifically did not say “border wall” in bespeak to permit the $1.37 exchange rate to be offered on border modern technology and the other accouterments.

And in a Dec. 21 memo come the subcommittee, chairwoman U.S. Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-California, created that Biden can ask congress to rescind and re-appropriate funds for other purposes in ~ CBP or in ~ the department of landscape Security. If not, the money have to be provided for a “barrier system” however she created “but that term is not characterized in law. Therefore, the Biden management will have significant discretion.”

The Biden management will have significant discretion.”

U.S. Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Calif.

On Tuesday, Morgan likewise confirmed what Border Report reported previously this week that commonwealth border agents are not readily in line to obtain coronavirus vaccines.

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He claimed his agency is working through the Veterans affairs administration, and local ar municipalities throughout the Southwest border come request that CBP officers and also Border Patrol agents be consisted of in inoculations.

Prioritizing border agents because that COVID-19 vaccine ‘is complicated,’ CBP head tells southern Texas congressman

“They will certainly decide that will get it,” Morgan said. “We space working v local areas to see if they will decide to encompass them with regional local regulation enforcement.”

Morgan said that over 5,000 CBP employees have contracted coronavirus and also 21 have passed away from COVID-19 v “the majority in the heat of duty.”