PBS started to transfer its programming in 1970 and also was established by Hartford Gunn Jr., who, before PBS, was the basic manager at, what is currently the Boston PBS affiliate, WGBH. Gunn had helped to construct WGBH"s television station, introducing cooking shows and musical performances. When Gunn ended up being president that PBS, he was challenged with financial difficulties partly related to the government"s funding of the network and infighting among the 110 station on the future of PBS. The networks did no agree on the direction PBS should take v its programming.

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Annual funding, which came from Congress, became a point of contention when PBS and Jim Lehrer covered the Watergate hearings in 1973 and 1974. The Nixon management threatened resources to PBS over the coverage.<5><2><6> PBS"s second president, Lawrence Grossman, stated "There were remarkable fights, with the Nixon administration trying to avoid public tv from doing any type of public to work programming in ~ all." In 1975, congress passed the public Broadcasting jae won Act, i beg your pardon secured future capital for programming.<2> The subsection of the act states:<7>

A. There is hereby developed in the Treasury a fund which shall be well-known as the general public Broadcasting money (hereinafter in this subsection referred to as the “Fund”), to it is in administered by the Secretary that the Treasury.

B. Over there is authorized to be appropriated come the money for every of the fiscal year 1978, 1979, and 1980, one amount equal to 40 percent of the complete amount of non-Federal jae won support received by windy broadcasting entities throughout the budget year 2nd preceding each together fiscal year, other than that the amount so appropriated shall no exceed $121,000,000 for fiscal year 1978, $140,000,000 because that fiscal year 1979, and also $160,000,000 for fiscal year 1980.

C. There is authorized to be appropriated come the Fund, because that each the the fiscal years 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and also 1993, one amount equal to 40 percent that the total amount of non-Federal jae won support obtained by windy broadcasting entities throughout the fiscal year 2nd preceding each together fiscal year, except that the amount so appropriated shall no exceed $265,000,000 for fiscal year 1992, $285,000,000 because that fiscal year 1993, $310,000,000 for fiscal year 1994, $375,000,000 for fiscal year 1995, and also $425,000,000 for fiscal year 1996.

D. In addition to any amounts authorized under any kind of other delivery of this or any kind of other plot to be appropriated come the Fund, $20,000,000 space hereby authorized to it is in appropriated to the fund (notwithstanding any kind of other supplication of this subsection) especially for the change from the use of analog come digital technology for the delivery of publicly broadcasting services for fiscal year 2001.

E. Accumulation appropriated under this subsection shall remain accessible until expended.<4>

PBS has been amongst the first networks to introduce brand-new media and also technology. In 1975, PBS WTTW in Chicago began using stereo in their broadcasts. In 1990, PBS began broadcasting v Descriptive video Service for the visually impaired. PBS released its website in 1995, do them among the an initial major networks to execute so. In 1998, PBS became the first broadcaster to make use of HD technology in that is programming. In 2009, PBS began offering your programming for cost-free on their website.<8>



On august 13, 2015, The new York times reported the the Sesame Workshop, the studio behind Sesame Street, had negotiated through HBO to companion up because that the next five years come produce brand-new episodes that the show. In part, production costs had gone beyond revenue, creating a gaue won strain for the nonprofit organization. New episodes of Sesame Street, follow to the report, will air on PBS nine months after your HBO debut.<11>

2016 presidential elections

February 11, 2016 autonomous debate

See also: Milwaukee, Wis. PBS Democratic dispute (February 11, 2016)

On January 11, 2016, PBS announced the it would hold the sixth democratic presidential primary controversy on February 11, 2016. The conflict was moderated by Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff. The debate took ar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the college of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Hillary Clinton and also Bernie Sanders to be the only two participants. The dispute was part of PBS"s NewsHour and also WETA, the PBS Washington, D.C. Affiliate; Woodruff and also the so late Gwen Ifill were, at the time, co-hosts that NewsHour.<12>

Both Ifill and Woodruff had actually previously moderated debates; Ifill moderated the vice presidential dispute in 2004 between John Edwards (D) and Dick Cheney (R), and also in 2008 in between Joe Biden (D) and Sarah Palin (R). Woodruff moderated the debate in 1988 between Lloyd Bentsen (D) and also Dan Quayle (R).


The adhering to is the perform of the board of directors:<13>

Jon Abbott, president & CEO, WGBHTom Axtell, general Manager, vegas PBSDonald A. Baer, Chair; global Chair and also Chief executive, management Officer, Burson-Marsteller; Chairman, Penn, Schoen & Berland AssociatesAfsaneh Beschloss, CEO, The rock Creek GroupDon Boswell, president & CEO, WNEDMolly Corbett Broad, Vice-chair; President, American board of directors on education Ernest Bromley, Chairman & CEO, Bromley CommunicationsErroll B. Davis Jr., retired Superintendent, Atlanta windy SchoolsJack Galmiche, Vice-chair; president & CEO KETCHelen Hernandez, president & Founder, The Imagen FoundationRich Homberg, president & CEO, Detroit public TelevisionShae Hopkins, executive, management Director & CEO, Kentucky education TelevisionLarry Irving, President and CEO, The Irving GroupTom Karlo, general Manager, KPBSPaula Kerger, President, public Broadcasting ServiceAllan Landon, former Chairman & CEO, bank of HawaiiBecky Magura, general Manager, WCTELinda O’Bryon, president & CEO, south Carolina educational TelevisionRamon Rodriguez, Former controlling Partner & CEO, Madsen Sapp Mena Rodriguez & Co.Robert Sachs, Principal, continental Consulting Group, LLC and also former chairman & CEO the NCTANeal Shapiro, chairman & CEO, WNETLisa Shumate, executive Dir. & basic Manager, Houston public MediaBrian Sickora, president & CEO, WSKGEvan Smith, CEO & Editor-in Chief, The Texas TribuneLeo Soong, Co-Founder, decision Geyser Water Co.JoAnn Urofsky, general Manager, WUSFLloyd Wright, chairman & CEO, WFYI


While the bulk of funding for PBS is from donations and also contributions, upwards that 15 percent that its money originates from the commonwealth government—roughly .012 percent the the federal budget—via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Because that affiliates, specifically those that organization rural components of the U.S., follow to PBS President and also CEO Paula Kerger, government resources can make up as much as 60 percent of their revenue.<1><14> Overall, about 75 percent the the funding collection aside because that the corporation for Public transfer goes come public television, while 25 percent goes to public radio, such as NPR.<14>

The complying with is a failure of PBS"s contributions and also gifts received, total annual revenue and the organization"s expenses for the 2009-2013 fiscal years, as reported to the IRS. (Note: PBS"s budget year is July come June)

yearly contributions, revenues and expenses because that PBS, 2009-2013 taxes Year Contributions and also grants received Total yearly revenue Expenses
2012/2013<15>$238,969,068 $484,948,541 ($186,544,605 in member dues) $468,299,613
2011/2012<16>$219,039,182 $434,409,851 ($182,659,129 in membership dues) $462,923,593
2010/2011<17>$181,225,000 $404,301,637 ($183,189,229 in member dues) $451,809,048
2009/2010<17>$292,889,704$505,595,972 (membership fee N/A) $477,434,869


Below is a brief overview the the viewership of PBS.<8>

Stats on the PBS (as of July, 2015)
ViewershipAnnually, 86 percent of every U.S. Families watch PBS.Monthly, 100 million human being watch their local PBS station.Primtime viewership exceeds the of Bravo, A&E, TLC, HBO, HGTV and also the discovery Channel by as lot as 129 percent.

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Affiliated programs

PBS Foundation

The PBS structure was established in 2004 together a 501(c)(3) fundraising arm of PBS. Their mission explain is together follows:<18>

The PBS structure solicits resources for PBS by search extraordinary grants and gifts. Functioning collaboratively with member stations, the PBS Foundation"s fundraising efforts benefit and enhance the system as a whole by providing a source for revenue at the greatest level.<4>

LeadershipBelow is the perform of plank of directors:<19>

Donald A. Bae
Fred BerensMary G.F. BittermanDonald K. BoswellWendy W. DaytonJohn DomaschkoJulia I. KauffmanPaula A. KergerDaniel H. LeedsHon. Man E. PorterJonathan S. Raclin

FinancesThe adhering to is a break down of PBS Foundation"s contributions and gifts received, total yearly revenue and the organization"s expenses for the 2010-2014 fiscal years, together reported to the IRS. (Note: PBS Foundation"s fiscal year is July to June)

annual contributions, revenues and also expenses for PBS Foundation, 2010-2014 taxes Year Contributions and also grants obtained Total annual revenue Expenses
2013/2014<15>$5,305,666 $5,306,049$3,762,430
2012/2013<15>$2,253,551 $2,253,551 $3,031,269
2011/2012<16>$2,289,116 $2,289,116 $2,776,430
2010/2011<16>$1,902,867 $1,909,777 $2,119,850