In part 3 the a CBS News investigation, a charity watchdog claims the injured Warrior task is sitting on a $248 million excess -- and not sufficient of the money is being spent on help veterans
In component 3 of a CBS News investigation, a char... 03:26 The country"s most significant veterans charity is dealing with criticism from an ext than 40 previous employees around how it spends the much more than $800 million it has raised in the previous six years.

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In part 3 of a CBS News investigation, a charity watchdog raises questions around how much money is in reality being spent on veterans.

Marc Owens, a previous director of tax exempt institutions at the IRS, the review the wounded Warrior Project"s tax documents at the inquiry of CBS News. He to be asked what was his biggest worry in the numbers.

"I couldn"t tell the number of people the were assisted. I believed that to be truly unusual. If the organization is asking for money and also purportedly safety money to help veterans, and also talking about it, ns would like to know," said Owens.

Wounded Warrior task says 80 percent of your money is spent on programs for veterans. That"s because they incorporate some promotion items, direct response advertising, and shipping and postage costs.

Take the out, and also the figures look much more like what charity watchdogs say -- that just 54 to 60 percent of donations walk to help wounded business members.

Marc Owens CBS News

The CEO has said the the fundraising should and can be contained in the programs and services.

"I"d be curious come know how asking world for money equates to the assistance of wounded veterans," responded Owens.

Steven Nardizzi has actually been CEO due to the fact that 2009. In 2014 he was paid nearly fifty percent a million dollars, which is in line with similar-sized charities. However many former employees said CBS News they thought it was as well much, and also Nardizzi protected his salary to the CBS Norfolk affiliate last April.

"My value is much less than one-tenth that one percent that the donations the come in, and also I am running an organization that is helping thousands of thousands that warriors," Nardizzi said.

Last year, WWP provided a $150,000 give to a team that defends greater spending ~ above overhead, executive, management salaries, and fundraising through charities.

Nardizzi claims the an ext money the charity raises, the much more money it can spend on veterans.

"If your just fixation is safety the most on programs, that"s feeling good, however not necessarily doing good. You deserve to run a the majority of program tasks you deserve to spend a many money on and also have castle be completely ineffective."

Steven Nardizzi, hurt Warrior job CEO AP

But charity watchdog Daniel Borochoff claims his biggest worry is the the team is sit on a $248 million excess -- and also not enough of the is being invested on veterans.

"It would be useful if these thousands of millions that dollars were being spent to help veterans in the much shorter term in a year or two fairly than being organized for a much longer term," Borochoff said.

Wounded Warrior job told CBS News that is committing $100 million come a new mental health care initiative, and they hope to raise one more $500 million for long-term care for severely wounded veterans.

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But it might be years prior to most of the money makes an influence on the lives of wounded company members.