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10 Things about Dollywood That might Surprise friend

It’s no surprised that Dollywood is the height theme park in Tennessee, v rides, games, dining, entertainment and more! family members travel native all throughout the country to enjoy everything the park has to offer. However, over there is much much more to the world-class design template park 보다 meets the eye. Below are 10 funny facts around Dollywood that can surprise you:

1. It Wasn’t constantly Dollywood

Dollywood wasn’t constantly known by that name! The template park was initially a little tourist attraction named Rebel Railroad and had a coal-fired steam engine, a basic store, a blacksmith shop and a saloon. In 1970, the attraction to be relaunched together Goldrush Junction, and also then renamed silver- Dollar City in 1976 once Herschend Enterprises to buy it. The wasn’t till Dolly Parton expressed attention in the park that Herschend enterprises rebranded it as Dollywood in 1986.

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2. Dolly Parton i will not ~ Ride the Rides

Did you know that Dolly Parton refuses come ride the rides in ~ her very own theme park? The nation music legend has actually a are afraid of roller coasters so has actually never been on any of the rides! She admitted to having actually motion sickness, and even supplied to obtain sick speak the school bus when she to be younger. She also joked the she has too much to lose — like her hair!

3. You i will not ~ Find any kind of Recycling Bins

Another interesting fact around the park is that you won’t find any kind of recycling bins. This isn’t since the park no care about the environment, though. It’s quite the opposite! Sevier ar is residence to one of the finest recycling and also composting program in the world. The Sevier Solid waste Composting basic is able to send 70 percent of incoming waste come composting and also recycling! The facility clears all recyclable materials once the composting process begins, which means they doesn’t need to separate any kind of of the trash.

4. Yes a 25-Pound apple Pie

Have you ever before heard of a 25-pound apple pie? friend can discover one at Dollywood! next time girlfriend visit, be certain to stop by the Spotlight Bakery. The apologize pie is made from scratch and baked in a actors iron skillet to insurance a nice, flaky crust. The pour it until it is full is made of about 35 aromatic apples, a hint of cinnamon, butter and also sugar. The pies space baked fresh every day! one individual part weighs 3 pounds and also can feed about 4 adults, so you’ll have plenty the pie to walk around. Girlfriend can even splurge and get the whole pie with the actors iron skillet it’s small in come go in addition to it!

5. There is a Church company on Sundays

Have you ever before heard that a theme park the holds church services? Every Sunday, the chapel in Dollywood has church solutions for visitors. The Robert F. Cutting board Chapel is named to honor the medical professional who ceded Dolly as a baby! the is a one-room nation church wherein the wood pews and also hardwood floors echo through the sounds of families and neighbors that gather for Sunday morning worship.

6. There is a location for your Furry Friends

Did you recognize you can lug your furry friends through you come Dollywood? if they’re not allowed in the yes, really park, you have the right to drop them turn off at Doggywood! Doggywood has actually 12 kennel runs and also 4 cottages, so reservations are extremely recommended. They additionally have plenty of water for your dogs! when you continue to be in one of our pet-friendly cabins in Gatlinburg, you will certainly love being able to carry your dog follow me for your day instead of leaving the behind in the cabin!

7. The Dollywood express Was used in WWII

The Dollywood Express is among the many iconic rides in ~ the theme park, yet not many human being know the background behind the trains. During world War II, the heavy steam engines played an essential role in America’s battle effort. In 1942, the engines were well-known as the “United States military Transportation Corps S118 Class heavy steam locomotives” and also helped v the delivery of supplies. Today, the locomotive takes tourists on a 5-mile journey v the foothills of the an excellent Smoky Mountains.

8. Dolly Parton is no the CEO

Despite what you might think, Dolly Parton is not the CEO that Dollywood. The park is quiet owned and also operated through Herschend family members Entertainment, which additionally owns SeaWorld and much more than 20 other theme parks in the joined States. However, Dolly Parton walk sit on the board and is integral in to plan the events and also attractions the the park.

9. You have the right to Visit Dolly’s Childhood Home

Okay, therefore it’s not Dolly Parton’s actual home, but it’s tho pretty cool! over there is a replica that Dolly’s childhood home that sits close to the enntrance gate of the park Visitors deserve to take the moment to walk with the two-room home and also get a feel for wherein Dolly thrived up. The replica cabin was built by Dolly’s brother Bobby, and also the interior was recreated by she mother. Most of the item on screen throughout the cabin space original household treasures.

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10. It quit Traffic on opened Day

It’s no surprised that Dollywood is so popular today, but did you know it’s been illustration in crowds ever since its opened day? adhering to its opening in may 1986, traffic leading approximately the park to be backed up because that 6 mile down united state 441! and also people didn’t protect against coming. After only 5 month of gift open, it had welcomed 1 million visitors!

Now that you know every one of these exciting facts about Dollywood, the time to arrangement your visit! browser our Smoky hill cabins for the perfect location to remain while you here, then start planning your trip.