Medically the evaluation by Debra rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT — composed by Adam Rowden top top October 22, 2020

Nutmeg is a popular spice that can give a human a “high” comparable to that of part hallucinogenic medicine if lock consume too much. The surname for this is nutmeg intoxication.

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Nutmeg originates from the seed of a tree dubbed Myristica fragrans. Myristica fragrans is an evergreen tree that can flourish up to 20 meters high. That is aboriginal to Indonesia and also grows in China, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, and also even south America.

Manufacturers harvest the seeds of the Myristica fragrans and then dry it before using that to create the freckles nutmeg. Nutmeg smells pungent and also has a warm and also slightly sweet taste.

Keep analysis to learn more about the nutmeg high, consisting of the symptoms, how it feels, and also what causes it.


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People usage nutmeg once preparing and also cooking food, often choosing to odor the complying with foods with it:

pies and also other baked goodssausagessaucesvegetablesmeatsholiday beverages, such together eggnog and spiced warm chocolate

People all over the human being have provided nutmeg in cooking, and it has additionally played a function in classic remedies. In Asia, it has actually served as a traditional medicine for treating stomach cramps, diarrhea, and also rheumatism.

Researchers have additionally reported the nutmeg can have antioxidant and also antimicrobial properties, as well as effects ~ above the central nervous system.

They have, however, detailed that nutmeg intoxication can cause serious symptoms and side effects. The much more serious symptoms usually take place after a person has actually consumed a larger amount that nutmeg or linked it with other harmful substances.

What leader to a nutmeg high?

Myristicin is the chemical link in nutmeg that causes nutmeg intoxication. It also occurs normally in the necessary oils current in details plants, consisting of parsley and dill.

When a human consumes myristicin, the human body metabolizes it, creating 3-methoxy-4,5 methylenedioxyamphetamine (MMDA). MMDA has hallucinogenic properties, and it is the results of MMDA ~ above the main nervous system that lead to the nutmeg high.

Nutmeg is readily accessible and has a history of gift a medicine of abuse.

What space the results of a nutmeg high?

People with nutmeg intoxication experience a selection of symptoms, including drowsiness and also hallucinations. Over there is, however, just a little amount of study on nutmeg intoxication.

One research looked at situations of nutmeg poisoning at the Illinois poison Center. The researcher reviewed the literature over a 10-year period and looked in ~ 32 documented cases. They found that the most usual symptoms of nutmeg poisoning included:

hallucinationsdrowsinessdizzinessconfusionseizure (in 2 cases)

Another case study associated a 37-year-old female that consumed 2 teaspoons (roughly 10 grams) the nutmeg. She presented at the emergency department through symptoms that had confusion, incoherent speech, and also drowsiness.

The symptoms above usually take place within 3–8 hrs of the person ingesting the nutmeg and also can critical for about 10 hours.

Other reported adverse physical effects connected with nutmeg intoxication include:

vomitingileus, which is a absence of motion in the bowela burning or prickling sensation in the hands, arms, legs, or feetnumbnessincreased heart rate

In cooking, recipes often tend to usage minimal nutmeg. However, together the case study above showed, even tiny amounts the nutmeg are sufficient to bring around intoxication. There are more dangerous dangers when a human being consumes even larger amounts.

More serious dangers after toxic doses of myristicin include seizures and organ damage. If someone through nutmeg intoxication has additionally taken various other harmful substances, the symptom are also likely to be worse.

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The mix of a nutmeg overdose with various other harmful medicine has, in part cases, been fatal.

If a human is showing indicators of poisoning, that is important that they gain medical help immediately.

If a human is unconscious, a companion or bystander should ar them in the recovery position while wait for medical assist to arrive. Law this requires lying castle on your side v a cushion behind their ago to stop them from rolling backward. Bending their upper leg and also moving the in former of their body to skinny on the ground can prevent them from falling onto their face.

The symptom of poisoning vary depending on what problem the person has ingested, yet general indicators include:

vomitingstomach painsconfusiondrowsinessfainting

In some more serious cases, a human may need to stay in the hospital for treatment. Medical professionals may act nutmeg poisoning with: