Fifty Shades Freed has been out for a week, and also even if friend haven"t seen the flick yet, the cast has been pretty open up that the fans aren"t getting any full-frontal nudity from one Christian Grey, that is played by Jamie Dornan in the flick. Throughout the 3 movies, we"ve seen Dakota Johnson"s character in various stages that undress however the ideal we"ve gotten from Dornan has actually been his bare chest, the occasional target shot, and a glimpse that his prick during a Fifty Shades of Grey montage. However, at the very least in regards to Fifty Shades Freed, manager James Foley states some full-frontal nudity to be shot. So what happened?

Although some have speculated that Jamie Dornan might not have actually wanted dick pics on the internet and also may have actually refused to shoot the scenes in question, James Foley says that isn"t precisely what happened. In fact the Fifty Shades Freed movie did movie scenes consisting of Dornan"s penis, they simply didn"t take place to make it right into the last draft the the film. Every the director:

But in the final cut, I"m being completely honest, it just didn"t come off... Complete frontal would have been a kind of intended cut, to watch that for no reason. There"s many of dailies wherein he"s on, yet it simply didn"t make the last cut. For dramatic reasons.

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In his conversation through ET, James Foley did not fancy on what those "dramatic reasons" were, yet it could be anything indigenous the time of the full-frontal nudity come Jamie Dornan being a little, erm, uncomfortable when filming the scenes. Really, there space a many explanations because that why the scenes may not have actually panned the end in a means that the director felt functioned for the movie, yet the end an outcome is that us don"t obtain full-frontral nudity from Christian Grey.

The reason this has been together a talked around topic is because Fifty Shades Freed manages to obtain Anastasia Steele naked quite a bit. Dakota Johnson is topless in casual situations, such as -- and also minor spoilers -- once she is laying out on the beach and also when she is transforming clothes in her closet. We view her body throughout plenty of sex scenes too, and although Fifty Shades Freed is aligned at a mrs audience, there"s no a many dude meat to look at at.

Jamie Dornan previously said the that didn"t hit to cut full-frontal scenes or anything, saying the movie aren"t "making porn as much as world think us are."

All in all, there space still plenty of sex scenes in Fifty Shades Freed, although points don"t gain quite together kinky together they do in the books. If you"d prefer to look right into specifics, head here, or just inspect out the movie in theatre now. To see what other flicks are in theaters because that Valentine"s Day, take it a look at our full guide.

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