Real Name/Full NamePatrick Charles Eugene Boone
Nick Name/Celebrated Name:Pat Boone
Birth Place:Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

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Date the Birth/Birthday:1 June 1934
Age/How Old:87 year old
Height/How Tall:In Centimetres – 175 cmIn Feet and also Inches – 5 ft 8 in
Weight:In Kilograms – 74 KgIn Pounds – 163 lbs
Eye Color:Light Brown
Hair Color:Grey
Parents Name:Father– Archie Altman BooneMother – Margaret Virginia
Siblings:Nick Todd (Cecil Altman Boone)
School:David Lipscomb High School
Zodiac Sign:Unknown
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Widower
Wife/Spouse Name:Shirley Foley
Kids/Children Name:4 daughters; Cheryl aka Cherry Lynn, Linda aka Lindi Lee, Deborah aka Debby Ann, and also Laura aka Laury Gene
Profession:Singer, Spokesperson, Actor, Author, Motivational Speaker, Producer
Net Worth:$60 million
Last Updated:November 2021

Pat Boone is among the celebrities that the 1950s, in addition to Elvis Presley. He is a singer, producer, actor, speaker and also spokesperson. Boone has also written several books.

Well, how well perform you know around Pat Boone? If no much, we have compiled every you have to know about Pat Boone’s network worth in 2021, his age, height, weight, wife, kids, biography and complete details around his life. Well, if you’re all set, below is what we know about Pat Boone to date.

Biography and Early Life

On June 1, 1934, play Boone to be born to parents Margaret Virginia (maiden surname Pritchard) and also Archie Altman Boone in Jacksonville, Florida. However, Boone was brought up in Nashville, Tennessee, as his family had relocated there as soon as Boone was two. He has actually one younger brother, Cecil Altman Boone, that sings under the phase name Nick Todd. Cecil was born a year after beat on June 1, 1935.

In The 700 club interview, Boone additionally claimed to be the follower of Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone to be a frontiersman and among the very first folk heroes of America.

Age, Height, weight & body Measurement

So, how old is pat Boone in 2021 and what is his height and also weight? Well, beat Boone’s period is 87 years old together of today’s date second November 2021 having been born on 1 June 1934. Though, that is 5 ft 8 in in feet and inches and 175 cm in Centimetres tall, the weighs around 163lbs in Pound and also 74 kg in Kilograms.


Pat Boone to be a college student of David Lipscomb High institution in Nashville. He graduated from the very same in the year 1952.

Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

One year ~ graduating indigenous high school, ~ above a November job in 1953, beat Boone married Shirley Lee Foley. Shirley was the daughter of Red Foley and Judy Martin and also had musical heritage: Red Foley was a country musician, and also Judy Martin, a singer.

Foley and also Boone were a couple of 19-year-olds as soon as they married. Castle have had actually their share of ups and downs in their marriage. Boone revealed that in the 1960s, his marriage to Foley had actually dwindled into misery due to the fact that of his alcoholism and penchant for parties. Foley, however, was shortly acquainted v the Charismatic Movement, which allowed her to be much more focused on her religion. She to be able to influence Pat and her 4 daughters to perform the same.

Shirley additionally did a stint as a record artist and a tv personality, despite less famous than she husband. She passed away at the period of 84 in 2019 from vasculitis.

Is pat Boone Gay?

No, pat Boone is not gay. He identifies as a right white man and also has been married come Shirley Foley.

Professional Career

During his at an early stage career days, Boone would sing in the Centennial Park in Nashville. The erstwhile Republic records signed him, and he would document music for them in 1954. One year later, he was signed by dot Records.

Fame came to him once his variation of Fat Domino’s “Ain’t the a Shame” to be loved through the masses. He would certainly then proceed to make track covers of black color R&B singers for primarily white Americans.

One of Boone’s biggest hits was the sheathe of “I practically Lost mine Mind.” His fame was second only come Elvis Presley.

Boone go on to become one the the most famous celebrities the the 50s, signing great product endorsements. Most of his songs to be covers of black color artists.

He was a conservative Christian, and also this was reflected in every his skilled choices. Boone refused an sell to star v Marilyn Monroe fan to his conservatism. Later on this conservatism would make him side with the Republicans as he was one of the faithfulness of the conspiracy theories concerned the Obamas.

He likewise acted in movies prefer God’s no Dead 2, The biggest Story ever Told & journey to the Earth’s Center. These ended up being some that the highest-grossing ventures of his career.


Pat Boone has several awards and also honours to his name. That is the winner of the NME Award because that World’s Outstanding famous Singer and NME Award for Favourite us Male Singer. Both these awards were conferred on Boone in the same year, the is, in 1957.

Net Worth, salary & revenue of beat Boone in 2021

Pat Boone net Worth

Pat Boone has amassed an substantial fortune fan to his multiple sources of income. His keen attention in basketball led that to own the team The Cooga Moogas. He additionally joined politics by sustaining Barry Goldwater in the us presidential election in 1964. That comes together no surprise then the Pat Boone has actually a significant net precious of $60 million together of 2021.

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Pat Boone is among the best celebrities that the 50s. He is additionally the author of number of books and also has produced a pan base because that himself. Through his charismatic image, he was able to discovered his very own recording label – the Lamb & Lion Records. The in chin is remarkable.