How does Wheel that Fortune make money? The CBS show hands out large cash prizes, so wherein does the funding come from? Let’s discover out an ext about the show that’s been running because 1975.

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Wheel of fortune is a long-running game present that sees contestants compete against one one more in a bid to resolve word puzzles. Hosted by play Sajak and also Vanna White, it’s basically a TV version of hangman.

Game shows such together Jeopardy!, Who desires To be A Millionaire or Wheel that Fortune regularly leave viewers wonder how exactly there is that much money come giveaway. So, stop see exactly how it all works…


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How walk Wheel of Fortune make money?

Wheel of luck prizes incorporate sums of money in the numerous thousands, houses, holidays and also more.

It’s most likely that Wheel that Fortune provides its money via sponsorship deals. If a brand-new car to be to be given away top top the show, it might be gifted come Wheel of fortune in order come advertise the engine brand.

The present would likewise make money via advertising. The TV network adverts will contribute to the to run of the shows that air on CBS.

Can you take it cash rather of prizes on Wheel that Fortune?

No, cash can’t be substituted for prizes on Wheel the Fortune.

Many winners on the present are vested expensive prizes such together world-round trips, brand-new cars and also much more. However, these can’t be swapped out for the monetary equivalent.

Contestants additionally have to pay taxes on their winnings. As reported by Cheat Sheet: “They need to pay counting on your earnings, including the precious of any additional prizes such as vacations and cars“.

Why does Wheel of luck giveaway $37,000?

In 2020, numerous viewers the Wheel of happiness were perplexed as the cash giveaway compensation was commonly $37,000.

The factor for the particular cash prize amount is as result of the fact that the display was in season 37 in 2020. Wheel of fortune had additionally been airing 37 year in 2020. The game present was produced by Merv Griffin in 1975, yet Pat Sajak and also Vanna White started hosting the syndicated version of the present in 1983.

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Each season the giveaway prize money is increased by $1000, so in 2021, for season 38, the cash compensation is $38,000.