WASHINGTON — president Trump"s full campaign effort increased $495 million between Oct. 15 and Nov. 23, follow to brand-new FEC filings, a total that has the trumped campaign, the Republican nationwide Committee and other affiliated committees. 

Nearly half of that — $207.5 million — was raised since Election day (between Nov. 3 and also Nov. 23). Much that this haul has come native fundraising appeals that include unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, and it"s an substantial amount for the GOP initiative to have the ability to raise after losing an election. The trump card fundraising effort has sent more than 500 fundraising emails since Nov. 4, plus hundreds of text messages soliciting donations. 

President Donald trump card waves together he walks on the southern Lawn that the White house upon his return indigenous Camp David top top Nov. 29, 2020.Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Much of the money being raised to aid fund choice challenges, like donations gift solicited v requests to difficulty the choice outcome, isn"t gift funneled to a details group. The project is allocating some money because that recount efforts, and the exact same "election defense" rhetoric is being offered to straight money come Trump"s brand-new political action committee, “Save America”. 

Trump began "Save America" in mid-November to fuel his post-presidency plans. The will permit the chairman to progressive money because that potential future travel, rallies or pay politics consultants. Yet this money can"t be offered for any kind of future campaign, must Trump decide to operation for president again in 2024. The team raised around $570,000 v Nov. 23. 

The project filings also show more than $4.7 million in legit fees in between Oct. 15 and Nov. 23. Legal adviser Jenna Ellis to be paid $30,000 in consulting fees over the timeline, and also overall the campaign has spent about $8.8 million top top fees pertained to the recount initiative in the exact same timeframe. 

Tweet the Press: A look into Michael Flynn's firing, and also eventual pardon, with Carol E. Lee

WASHINGTON — In situation you let go Thursday"s Tweet the Press, us spoke with NBC News Correspondent Carol E. Lee around the events that led approximately President trump firing, and then pardoning, his previous national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

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Lee reported on the timeline from as soon as Flynn was first contacted by the FBI around his phone call calls with Russia’s ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, to the minute he was fired, his guilty plea and the once wavering, but now full-throated support, from the White House. 

Click the attach here to read the full conversation. 

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Deepa Shivaram

320d ago / 5:13 afternoon UTC

Kamala Harris adds to V.P. Team with a majority of women of color

WASHINGTON — angry President-elect Kamala Harris announced ~ above Thursday she hired three more women to be on her senior staff. Harris’ chef of staff, residential policy adviser and national defense adviser will certainly all be women, 2 of whom are women the color.

Harris has actually a long background of hiring and elevating women of shade in her senate office and also primary campaign and in the basic election, as well.

“Together v the rest of mine team, today’s appointees will job-related to gain this virus under control, open our economic climate responsibly and make sure it lifts up all Americans, and restore and advance our country"s leadership approximately the world,” Harris stated in a push release.

Tina Flournoy, who right now serves as previous President bill Clinton"s chief of staff, will end up being Harris" chief of staff. Flournoy is a member of "The colored Girls", a group of Black females who occupational in public service. Other members include Donna Brazile and Minyon Moore. Harris pointed come Flournoy"s "deep experience, public policy expertise and completed career in public service" as her reasons for the pick. 

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris speak to reporters in Washington ~ above Nov. 28, 2020.Hannah Mckay / Reuters

Harris" residential policy adviser will certainly be Rohini Kosoglu. Kosoglu was a senior adviser on Harris" presidential campaign and also worked in Harris" office. She previously held positions with Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet and also Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow. 

Nancy McEldowney, who many recently operated as the manager of the school of foreign organization at Georgetown University, will serve as Harris’ national security adviser. McEldowney functioned in the U.S. Foreign company for 30 years and also is a former ambassador come Bulgaria. 

Harris" announced employee is so far a majority women that color. Symone Sanders, that will serve as Harris" senior adviser and also chief spokesperson, and also Ashley Etienne, that will be Harris" interactions director, are likewise both black color women. 

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Julia Jester

321d earlier / 7:14 afternoon UTC

Georgia Secretary that State: Trump's rhetoric reasons 'growing threat' to choice workers

WASHINGTON — Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger doubled under on his blame of chairman Trump"s repetitive false insurance claims of voter fraud top top Wednesday. 

“Even after ~ this office requests that President Trump try and quell the violent rhetoric, gift born the end of his continuing cases of win the says where that obviously lost, the tweeted out, ‘expose the massive voter fraud in Georgia’ — this is exactly the type of language that is at the base of a farming threat setting for choice workers that are simply doing your jobs,” Raffensperger said.


Georgia secretary the state: Trump's false insurance claims pose 'growing threat' for choice workers

Dec. 2, 202001:28
In a passionate decided at the state capitol ~ above Tuesday, Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling stated the rhetoric “has gone also far,” citing violent threats against ex-Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security agency director kris Krebs, Raffensperger and also his wife and also a young local contractor for a voting system agency in Gwinnett County, Ga.

“Mr. President, you have actually not condemned this actions or this language,” Sterling said. “Senators, you"ve not condemned this language or these actions. This has to stop. We need you to action up and also if you"re going to take a place of leadership, show some."

He added, "This is elections. This is the backbone of democracy and every one of you who have actually not stated a cursed word are complicit in this.”

Raffensperger additionally tried to reduced the temperature top top Wednesday.

“I desire to extend grace come those the seemingly have actually hate in your heart,” Raffensperger said. “We"ve all been through an awful lot. As plenty of of us have actually said, us wish the our guy would have won the election, but it doesn"t look like our guy has actually won the election, and it looks favor Vice chairman Biden will certainly be delivering Georgia, and he is our president-elect.”

President trump is set to visit Georgia this Saturday to project for both the the state"s Republican senators, David Perdue and also Kelly Loeffler, front of their respective runoff elections on Jan. 5.

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Ben Kamisar

322d ago / 8:18 afternoon UTC

Iowa congressional race likely to be among closest in modern-day history

WASHINGTON — once Iowa"s State Canvassing board certified that is 2020 election outcomes on Monday, Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks edged out Democrat Rita Hart in the state"s 2nd Congressional ar by just six votes, make it one of the closestly U.S. Residence races in modern history. 

Hart had actually requested a recount ~ the Secretary of State"s unofficially results uncovered her 47 votes behind the Republican. However while the margin narrowed during the recount, Miller-Meeks continued to be on top. 

The State Canvassing Board has actually officially certified the outcomes of the 2020 general election. We had record turnout of an ext than 1.7 million voters & 76% participation. The official result in #IA02 is
RitaHartIA 196,958. 6 vote difference. #BeAVoter pic.twitter.com/Rp4f6sHHTi

— Iowa Secretary that State Paul Pate (

NBC"s Decision workdesk has not yet projected a winner, and it"s possible that the contest may relocate to the courtroom. 

Such narrow margins were an ext common in the 18th and 19th Centuries, as soon as the electorate was far smaller than it is today. Yet over the critical half-century, there have actually still to be some home nail-biters virtually as close, or in part cases, closer. 

Here"s a non-exhaustive watch at few of the closest U.S. House races in recent memory:

2014: Arizona Republican Martha McSally loss Democrat Ron Barber by 161 votes 

After then-Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords resigned months after she to be shot, her district director, Barber, winner both the 2012 one-of-a-kind election and the general election later that year. McSally shed the GOP one-of-a-kind election primary, but was the party"s nominee the fall and fell short to Barber by simply a couple of thousand votes. 

The 2014 rematch made the tight race look choose a breeze — McSally ultimately defeated Barber through 161 votes after ~ a lengthy recount that stretched into December.

2006: Connecticut autonomous Rep. Joe Courtney defeats Republican Rep plunder Simmons by 83 votes

The 2006 midterms were good for democrats in the home — the party took ago the body"s bulk for the first time in more than a decade. Yet Courtney, climate a state representative running against Simmons for the second time, eked the end a success after a causing obligation recount. 

2002: Colorado Republican Bob Beauprez defeat Democrat Mike Feeley by 121 votes

Long before his gubernatorial bids, Beauprez (then the state GOP chairman) gone into the house after the first-ever election in Colorado"s 7th District, which was newly developed after redistricting. The tight race compelled a recount v Beauprez narrowly ahead, but according to reporting from UPI, the Republican lost a net of just one vote throughout that recount and was claimed the winner. 

1994: Connecticut democratic Rep. Samuel Gejdenson defeats Republican Edward Munster by 21 votes 

There have to be something around Connecticut"s second Congressional District, which appears on this list twice. Twelve years before Courtney"s small victory, Gejednson winner a nailbiter the his own. Two years prior, the incumbent edged out Munster by a couple of thousand votes, and also the 1994 gyeongju was one of the the next in recent history, needing a 98-page state can be fried Court decision to settle.

1986: north Carolina Republican Rep. Howard Coble defeat Democrat Robin Britt

Long before the 2000 choice came under to "hanging chads," the ballots played a an essential role in the dispute surrounding this home race. According to the Greensboro News and Record, the Democrat propelled for a complete recount after a partial counting of ballots accidentally left at two precincts finished up in she picking increase a few votes, but that inquiry was refuse by the GOP-led county and also state choice boards. 

1984: autonomous Rep. Candid McCloskey defeat Republican stack McIntyre by 4 votes

One the the most infamous home elections in modern American history can finest be defined by 2 of NBC"s biggest election junkies — Steve Kornacki and also Chuck Todd. 

With a couple of House gyeongju still outstanding and likely to be cleared up by a handful of votes (with potential legitimate maneuvering come come), here"s a look ago at one of the closest, many contested and most politically consequential home races of every time: Indiana"s Bloody 8th in 1984...

— Steve Kornacki (

The Bloody 8th: chuck takes an save on computer dive to do a point about the ugly state the American politics -- and also the race that began it all. Pic.twitter.com/LDPyaib7Nc