approximates the pandemic assisted wipe about $200 million off Trump’s peak line critical year.

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In April 2017, push Secretary Sean Spicer take it the podium in the White residence briefing room and announced the the president was donating his first-quarter salary to the national Park Service. V a significant look ~ above his face, Spicer pulled out an oversize examine with one oversize signature. It was the very first of several checks that Donald trumped signed when in office, handing over his $400,000 salary in exchange for an excellent publicity.

That was pocket adjust for Trump. His actual money come from the organization he refused to divest, no from his government salary. An evaluation of documents, several of which only came to be public in recent weeks, mirrors just just how much Trump’s companies raked in when he was in office. Dig v everything—including property records, ethics disclosures, blame documents and securities filings—and you will do it find around $2.4 billion of revenue native January 2017 come December 2020.

What rakes in the revenue?

If no for the pandemic, over there would have been also more. Trump’s company was hauling in about $650 million annually during the an initial three year of his presidency. However in 2020, profits plunged come an approximated $450 million as Covid infected the business. “It’s hurting me, and it’s hurting Hilton, and also it’s hurting all of the an excellent hotel chains everywhere the world,” Trump stated in a march 2020 press conference at the White House. “It’s hurting everybody. I mean, there room very couple of businesses that room doing well now.”

The biggest part of Trump’s revenue flowed with his clubs and also golf properties, i beg your pardon generated around $940 million over four years. Trump national Doral, the golf resort in Miami, contributed roughly $270 million to that total. Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s club in Palm Beach, brought in around $90 million. A new Jersey golf club, wherein the previous president has actually been security time this summer, took in $60 million or so. Those top-line figures didn’t all end up in Trump’s pocket, however. Golf clubs and also resorts are expensive come manage, v operating profit margins to run at 20% in good times.During the pandemic, Trump’s timeless courses fared fairly well, yet his golf resorts had actually to contend with long shutdowns, causing his all at once golf and also club revenues to drop 27% come an approximated $190 million in 2020.

Donald Trump owns a 30% attention in 555 California Street, a san Francisco office building.

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Fortunately for Trump, he additionally had high-margin commercial actual estate holdings come bolster his bottom line. That confirmed especially vital in 2020, as commercial tenants—many locked right into long-term leases—continued to salary rent. In ~ 555 California Street, a san Francisco office building in i beg your pardon Trump stop a 30% stake, his rent in reality inched up last year, from $42 million come $43 million, according to an evaluation of filings. The same thing taken place at brand-new York City’s 1290 path of the Americas, wherein Trump’s haul raised from around $55 million to $58 million.

The hotel, licensing and also management businesses, ~ above the other hand, no fare therefore well. Estimated revenues remained well above $100 million native 2017 to 2019 but dropped closer come $50 million in 2020.No part of Trump’s portfolio was an ext poorly positioned to withstand such a blow, provided the blame load against his hotels. Within his Washington, D.C., hotel, profits flatlined at around $52 million indigenous 2017 come 2019. With the peak line stalled out, the hotel no seem come be producing enough profit prior to the pandemic to cover the interest on that $170 million loan from Deutsche Bank. Things only acquired worse when Covid-19 hit, and also revenues hurry to much less $20 million. It’s no wonder the Trump organization tried to sell the place.

just down the street from the White home stands the Trump global Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Alex Brandon/AP

But the former president didn’t have much luck offloading that hotel or other assets last year. Trump ditched $32 million of real estate in 2017, an estimated $53 million in 2018, then $32 million in 2019. In 2020, however, the pocketed simply $435,000, by selling condos in Vegas. The absence of deals to be one reason earnings dropped about 25% come an approximated $450 million. A smaller sum, to be sure, however still more than 1,000 time the yearly salary he offered away.

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